Not Your Usual Comic

There’s something to be said about those who venture away from the ‘usual’. When it comes to 3DX, it’s pretty hard to do! In a world where anal sex with monsters and chicks with enormous dicks are par for the course, a select few still find ways to insert their…flavor into the mix.

Eris3D is a perfect example! Think you’ve seen it all in the futanari genre? Think again!

Cream & Dream

Order a scotch and leave your preconceptions at the door, Eris is coming in hard and fast with “Meta futas”! Dulcita is a hung, savvy lounge singer who performs more than just jizz, uh, I mean, jazz numbers, but when she’s ready for a change, the mysterious Dolta and Deva give her something BIG to work with!

Okay, hang on: trying to describe this set in a paragraph is like trying to pin a cum filled cloud down! First off, this thing is gigantic, nearly 150 renders, with an incredible amount of cumshots and specific fetishes (like smoking and body modification!) that are as fun and quirky as many of Eris’ other works.

Affectionately dubbed as a “DDD” set, these 3 big titted babes, who all have ‘D’ names, incidentally end up with 3 dangerous dongs to match! As you can imagine, they have no problem shovin’, lovin’ and cummin’ with them, but there’s more to these dicks than you might think!

Eris3D once again proves that going off the “beaten” path can provide loads of never before seen entertainment, but don’t worry: there’s still plenty of familiar bimbo action to bring you back for more!