Sickened but Curious

Let’s face it: sometimes we don’t understand our own kinks. Even the most adventurous sexual explorers can stumble upon an unexpected (and strangely excitement inducing) situation, but few creators in 3DX dig into such mysterious facets of our elsuive psychology.

As fate would have it, however, we happen to have creators like Fab3DX, who are more than willing to tackle this scintillating depth head on, come hell or high heels…

Shamed to Excitement

“Alex- The New Student Part 2” follows the sultry, secretive tale of a feminine sub who may be getting into more than they bargained for. It’s difficult enough settling into a new school life, but the university’s principal has set a keen, calculated eye on the ‘innocent’ Alex.

In a direct continuation of part 1, this blushing femboy finds herself getting hard with confusion and excitement: it seems that her new mistresses are much rougher than anticipated! Bent over, used and humiliated, Alex can’t figure out why she’s so angry as she leaves in a huff! Or why the hell she’s so turned on…

Alex is so upset that she accidentally leaves her phone, which may serve as evidence that she’s not quite as ‘innocent’ as everyone might have thought…

With and without text, this 99 image set features Fab’s smooth, dark tones, mountains of femdom on femboy content, pussy munching, pegging, and a well directed visual narrative that’ll keep you coming back for more! Which is, incidentally, exactly what Olivia expects of her new toy.

Fab even includes 3 turntable style animations, which display these girls in all their smooth (and hard in one spot) glory!