F: Thank you for taking time to talk to us. Please, tell us, what are you currently working on?

SloP: I’m working on building a long-form narrative. I’m hoping to populate a world with, hopefully, interesting, endearing and charismatic characters that go a bit further than just looking nice. I want it to tackle themes like loneliness, friendships, complex relationships and hopefully present it in an entertaining and interesting way.

That’s kinda the big project now, in between those I do the smaller, non-canon stuff too. But the main focus as of late is this long-form main story.

Also, I kind of forgot. It’s still porn. I know what I am and what my content is and what my audience wants, so I’m not going to shy away from sex scenes and all that stuff.

F: That sounds so interesting! Is that long story going to feature characters your followers already know, or are they all new OCs?

S: Yeah, the main cast is going to be featured heavily throughout. I have a pretty solid grasp on most of their personalities and they’re developed pretty well both aesthetically and character-wise that I’d be… not smart to not use them.

Nina, the blonde that I use for my profile image and my unofficial mascot, is gonna be the central point around which everything is built. But the others will have plenty of screen time too.

There’s going to be room for side characters but they’ll be less developed.

F: Can you tell us which genre the story will be? Action, fantasy, adventure, slice of life…

S: I’ve described it to people as a crime drama. Kinda like Breaking Bad but with more of a focus on the dramatic, relationship stuff.

So there’s going to be like an antagonistic force, that’s the crime stuff, that’s going to propel the story and take these characters to more interesting places and create drama between them.

F: Is it going to be a comic?

S: I don’t really like how 3D work translates to the comic book format. That said, the comic book style is great for narratives, you can be very expressive and clearly tell your story to your audience.

I think it kind of clashes with 3D work. Or maybe I haven’t seen it implemented cleanly yet.

So, I’m not at that stage yet, production-wise, I was planning on doing a side bar for all the text and dialogue. Like how I did The Colosseum Part III. 

Or I might have to do some experimentation and adapt a comic-book style format that I’m happy with.

For example InCase’s Alfie comic is a really big inspiration and I think they work that format really well into the presentation, but there’s something about that style that really clashes with 3D work in my eyes. It somehow doesn’t fit for me or looks cheap.

And again, I might’ve just not seen a good example of it.

F: Do you see this project taking the majority, if not all, of your time in the future?

Or do you plan to squeeze in some other stuff?

S: Majority, yes, but I’d like to still have time to do smaller projects here and there.

I get that itch, right? That itch for something different.

I often say I’m a bit like a pendulum. I swing this way and then the other; so I do something wholesome, something romantic and after that project I’ll do something horrible to one of my OC’s.

And then I’ll feel dirty and need to make up to them and give them a nice scenario again. 

So I definitely plan on having space to do other stuff in between story arcs or whenever I get writer’s block.

F: Is there something else you’d like to tell us? Maybe some small idea you’re already cooking in your brain, for some of those smaller projects when you take breaks from the big one.

S: I made a new character. So, she’s early in development, but I’m in production for her first… reveal, let’s say.

It’s gonna be her asking for a favour from a group of three cheerleaders. She wants to be one of them. But she’s just not that type, right? She doesn’t particularly fit the standards of beauty, right?

So I guess that’s also a think I could tell ya I’m working on, yeah.

F: Intriguing!

Is there something else you’d like to share with us? From a teaser to a sneak peek to a hint of what your followers (and new future fans!) can expect from you in the future.

S: No, not really. Apart from the cheerleader project and the release of the new character I’m entirely focused on the writing of the main story these days and creating environments and scenarios for that story.

There’s still going to be the usual works, I’m still going to TRY, keyword “try”, and get at least something out every week. But my head right now is pretty much focused on writing for now.

F: It’s great to focus your energy. All right, then that’s it. Thanks a lot for your time, we’re looking forwards to seeing your work!

S: Thanks a lot as well!


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