There’s something compelling about armed women skulking through dark halls and alleys, danger lurking around every corner. Forged3DX seems to agree, but in this case, he has Jill dealing with a different kind of ‘tight’ situation. She needs samples of the virus in order to find a cure, but she might end up getting way more than just a single vial of…the specimen at hand.

“Valentine Chronicles:Infection” is a gritty, tension riddled double creature feature: that’s right, 90 1080p images plus a nearly 9 minute animation! Jill gets drilled, stretched and filled by a nightmarishly monstrous cock that’s beyond her wildest fantasies.

This is Jill’s toughest encounter yet: cock worship, deep, ass packing anal, and loads of thick, virile jizz that only a hung monster could produce. It’s a set and movie combo that delivers on Forged’ consistent quality and production value: rich ambiance, vivid details, and of course, busty brunettes dealing with more than they can handle!