Raise your hand if you are a big fan of tiddies. Cool! Now raise your hand if you like tiddies framed by a sexy black leather corset and badass tattoos, possibly rendered by a kick-ass motorcycle and/or a submachine gun. Nooooow we’re talking.

Danger on High Heels

What can we say? Some 3DX artists have the soul of a rock star. Their style, their energy, their exquisite sense of what makes a powerful woman sexy, permeates every render they produce and every OC they create. 

Xide is, without a doubt, one of those artists. He hasn’t been around for too long, only a year and a half, but in that time he has managed to put together a very honest artistic voice. He likes badass babes. And we’re here for it.

Hot secretaries, futuristic gunners, bikers on high boots, naughty black sorceresses, thirsty vampires, misbehaving student girls. You call it. His range is huge, but his watermark is very strong: her girls always know how to get their way.

 Ladies First

Xide’s talents aren’t limited to his steamy erotic stories. He loves to portray the female naked body in all its glory, with extensive sets of pinups dripping with personality. Every girl he creates has her own character, and he knows how to portray it the best and sexiest way possible. You’ll see how they all love the camera and are not afraid of displaying their assets to the world! The only thing these girls love more is to have their perfect bodies teased and pleasured, be by their own hand or with someone else’s help.

Xide’s solo masturbation pinups are a sight to behold, as we are invited into the private space of these hot babes giving themselves a nice time. But where one lady is fun, two are twice as fun! This artist is a big fan of girl-on-girl action, and his duos and trios love to get naughty on each other in a wide variety of scenarios, from a classroom after hours to the deepest pits of Hell. To each, their own.

But don’t worry, if you want to see the ladies get some big cock, you won’t be disappointed, and neither will them! Xide has created many straight stories, with one man after the other being captivated by the stunning beauty of these madonnas. For the joy of many, he has even recently started to give futa a try! His futa debut, Dr. Jeckllyn and Hydi, is currently available on NGP store! (Wink, wink.)