Twin dickgirls Kayla and Kylie are surely having the pool party of their lifetime. Not only did they fuck each other before the guests arrived, not only Kylie gave her milf step – mom the business while Kayla had some fun with her first guest Lauren, but now, Lauren wants to test the old saying that two futa cocks fuck better than one! 3DZen’s sensation comic Futa Twins continues with this 70 – image extension of chapter 3, steamier and harder than ever!

Thirsty For Futa Cum

Kylie and Kayla are eager to ditc h their bikinis and stick their huge cocks in every hole Lauren has to offer: her pussy and her mouth are just the beginning, she’s up for some anal and double penetration because what else do you do with two throbbing futanari dicks? After shy Kylie exper iences an amazing blowjob followed by some hot cum swapping, and a massive creampie courtesy of Kayla’s girl cock, Lauren wants more. That’s when the twins realise this is just the beginning.

Thirsty For Lady Juices, Too

Lauren seems to like Kylie, and of course she does, what’s better for a female power bottom than a nervous blonde dickgirl with more lust than she can handle? Kylie will soon get her pussy licked and her balls handled, before she fucks a girl in the ass for the first time. The massive endin g features both sisters cumming inside Lauren’s pussy and ass as the three of them scream in pleasure.

But what’s this? Is there a new girl entering the picture? Brunette cutie Shelly’s jaw drops when she sees that the twins are futas, and, not to spoil th ings here or anything, but we can make our bets that it’s not gonna be the last time she opens her mouth wide for them.

Check out now the latest instalment of 3DZen’s erotic futa comic, Futa Twins!


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