Going to S-extremes

Some people are just awful, (You know who you are) while others, let’s face it, are way too nice! Everyone’s had their moments on both ends of the spectrum, but what happens when a 3D creator likes to jump between genres like they’re playing a game of sexy hop-scotch?

Well…3DZen is pretty much what happens! Genre wise, they ride the line between ‘oh god that’s dark’ and ‘do you wanna build a ho-man’ so don’t even try to pin em’ down. If it’s extremes you’re looking for, Zen has got them, and we’ve got two brand new releases to prove it!

Breeding Grounds

When Tulsi (who bears a striking resemblance to a certain, big breasted fantasy character) is tasked to investigate an abandoned village, she has no idea that she’ll stumble upon “Breeding grounds”! In a perfect combination of horror, parody and R34, Zen gives ‘monster dong’ a whole new meaning!

Tulsi is as tough as they come, no doubt about it, but what’s a girl supposed to do when she’s injected with a powerful aphrodisiac and presented with two huge amphibious cocks? Through 92 high quality images, with and without text, you can see exactly how ‘well trained’ she is! Even after taking several incredible loads (including a sticky facial!) deepthroating, and anal penetration, she’s still ready to get DP’d and deep seeded!

What, did you think the title was just a formality? When 3DZen says ‘breed’ it’s not an ‘inflated’ term 😉

Shades of Darkness 7

In a truly twisted tale of bitterness, blackmail and deceit, The “Shades” series gets even darker in “Professor’s Pet.” Mr. Wilson, well past his prime and stuck in a dead end job with no retirement in sight, sets his leering gaze upon the most beautiful girl in his class. After feeding Katee a blatant lie that she’s failing his class, she’s forced to stay for an extra credit session…and ends up giving a mascara running ‘oral’ lesson instead…

As with every entry in this series, “Shades” isn’t for the faint of heart! Zen holds nothing back as he delves into a lust fueled rampage of desire, humiliation and the depths of human lust. Katee thought she would be crying because her grades were bad, but over the course of this massive 145 image set, the professor will show her that she’s only begun her transition from virgin to slut.