Anyone who has been making or consuming 3DX for any amount of time should know the cardinal rule34: If something exists, there will be porn of it.

Seemingly nothing is sacred, and if someone puts something on the internet, especially a video game character, they should probably assume someone will depict them naked at some point.

Case and point, here are some of NGPs best R34 offerings for the month of May!

Residential Evil by 3DZen

Residential Evil by 3DZen

If you’ve ever played survival horror games, you probably know how tedious they can be. There’s so much running and inventory management, complicated puzzles, and legions of freaky monsters and zombies.

If you’ve had enough of RE remakes and are sick of trying to run away from monsters, why not run towards them? That’s exactly what the girls in Residential Evil XXX do!

3DZen puts some familiar, pretty faces in some sticky situations in this 3 part series! Watch Clair Redfold, Jill and Ana as they fight their way through the XXX virus.

Between the three sets, we’re talking nearly 300 renders of high quality monster on girl action! Tentacles, lickers, and other ghastly, horny creatures do their best to infect and impregnate the bumbling heroines in this parody.

If you’re a fan of monster porn, these sets are top tier: buy all three and ‘combine’ them for an even more potent collection!

Lara’s mansion by Forged3DX

Lara’s mansion by Forged3DX

Lara, being the seasoned adventurer she is, is always prepared for anything. When she returns home after a long trip, she hears some commotion in the sitting room, and she draws her weapon.

To her pleasant surprise, it’s not an international assassin but her buxom girlfriend, Zara. Zara’s been missing Lara and her huge dick, and she wants to show her just how much…

Forged’ homage to everyone’s favorite tomb raider does not disappoint in this 53 image set! The artist trades their usual light and bright style for noir tones and deep shadows, doing justice to the pairing of dark haired characters. The facial expressions in this one are quite excellent, making it easy to believe that Zara really has been wanting to gobble down her girlfriend for the longest time. Zara also ends up getting shot…but not with a gun 😉

Unfinished business by Detomasso

Unfinished business by Detomasso

The legendary archeologist, Laura Cruz, gets caught in a web of deceit when she traces a hacking job that befell her database. The culprit? None other than Julia Nox, notorious owner of the Nox corporation.

When Julia demands that Laura retrieve a priceless item known as the Scion artifact, our fearless heroine refuses. Julia doesn’t take it well, and puts other ‘negotiation’ tactics into play.

One thing leads to another, and Laura wakes up to a shocking surprise. Julia Nox will do everything in her power, including using her ‘special assets’ to convince Laura to work for her. What Julia doesn’t know, however, is that Laura is quite an experienced negotiator, and she’s good at making people see her point of view…

This set is more than just 89 delicious frames of dickgirls, bondage and footjobs. It’s a complete, dialogue driven story that brings more to the table than the average image set! Even if that table has ropes and tie downs attached to it…

Waking the Dead by Jester

Waking the Dead by Jester

Lana discovers a tomb that houses a long dead zombie…or so she thinks. Her ample assets seem to reawaken more than just history as the well endowed undead begin to “rise” from the grave, and the fun ensues! 

This 48 high res set is a full overhaul of one of Jester’s classics, complete with a sleeker, bustier Lana!

If you ever played tomb raider and thought to yourself, “Hey, the main character’s tits could be bigger…” then Jester’s got you covered!

Omega One on One by Redrobot3d

Hey, have you ever heard of mass effect? No, not the game. Nope, I’m not talking about element zero, either, I’m talking about the effect that a hot Asari supermodel has when she shows her mass of a rack!

Redrobot has graced us with an incredibly busty, blue skinned diva who has no problem showing us everything. As if baring her out of this world wobblers wasn’t enough, she displays her astronomical ass, and she even lets us watch as she tries out a robotic tentacle!

This set features 55 pages of phat alien booty and a set of nipples do big that you’ll want to propose immediately!  12 bonus pages are also included, featuring a familiar, busty human woman who seems to have grown very close to the asari…


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