Brynhildr is the gift that keeps on giving. Lewd art enjoyers can’t get enough of this artist’s top tier ladies, and in response to their continued support, Brynhildr keeps cranking out content like an absolute machine, without ever resigning even a tiny bit of the quality that drips from every picture. Now, after over ten collections featuring an exquisite selection of lewds, we get yet another selection of scintillating renders celebrating the hottest chicks in video games. With dicks, of course!

This collection of 45 4K JPEGs features some of the most popular girls to ever grace our screens, as well as some characters you might not see often, but if you are a fan, you’ll sure be delighted to witness their naked glory (and possibly, appreciate how they look covered in hot futa cum). And, interestingly enough, this set in particular has a bit of a surprise…

Hype for Hypno

You read that right, my friend. Brynhildr’s latest image set features a whole section of hypno fetish! One which we don’t see often in this site, but deserves as much love as any other! Different characters will fall under the spell of the whirling spiral and the rocking pendulum, and BAM! They’ll be sucking dick just like their master has ordered.

Other nice stuff you’ll see in this naughty collection includes: size difference, muscle girls, bukkake, futa on female, futa on futa, body tattoos, interracial, masturbation (of both kinds) and some good ol’ genderbending. How Brynhildr manages to squeeze so much stuff inside one collection, like a hung futa squeezes her dick into a girl’s tiny asshole, is something we’ll never comprehend, but always appreciate!

So Much to Fuck Around

Believe it or not, we have surpassed the ten collections by Brynhildr, and the list just keeps on growing and growing. If you’re not quite familiar with this amazing art, this is a great opportunity for you to get a taste of their fantastic renders, and if you come to like it, there is plenty more in our store for you to pick your faves. 

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