Halfway Hurrah!

We’re officially halfway through 2022! Whether it’s been a good year for you thus far, or you’re more than ready for it to be over (we’re rooting for you!) why not give yourself a well-deserved chest…I mean breast…oh shoot, I mean, rest! Actually, I do mean chest: celebrate your halfway point by checking out these awesome, recently released R34 sets!

Also, hang in there, hard year havers: you totes got this!    

Recent Release by Brynhildr

Video Games Straight Collection – Vol 3

Claire-3(G) (lum)

In glorious 4K, Bryn presents some of the most iconic heroines and villainesses of our digital legacy. Every render is spectacularly detailed: a few gals wearing some familiar uniforms or posing proudly with nothing at all!

One of the best things about Brynhildr’s pin-ups is that these models are never slimmed down or watered down. Curves and powerfully built bodies meld in such harmony that every image in this set is worth setting as background. These sci-fi/ fantasy characters simply ooze feminine charm, all while keeping true to much of their original design! 

If you’re looking for girls who’ve been given a little more ‘equipment’ between their legs, check out Bryhildr’s futa collections, but if you’re gunning for something that pays homage to its source material, you won’t find better!     

Recent Release by 3DZen

Breeding Grounds


When Tulsi (who bears a striking resemblance to a certain, big breasted fantasy character) is tasked to investigate an abandoned village, she has no idea that she’ll stumble upon “Breeding grounds”! In a perfect combination of horror, parody and R34, Zen gives ‘monster dong’ a whole new meaning!

Tulsi is as tough as they come, no doubt about it, but what’s a girl supposed to do when she’s injected with a powerful aphrodisiac and presented with two huge amphibious cocks? Through 92 high quality images, with and without text, you can see exactly how ‘well trained’ she is! Even after taking several incredible loads (including a sticky facial!) deepthroating, and anal penetration, she’s still ready to get DP’d and deep seeded!

What, did you think the title was just a formality? When 3DZen says ‘breed’ it’s not an ‘inflated’ term 😉

Recent Release by Irrelevant3D

Fun With Androids Part 1


Cleo and Kayla are androids with an insatiable appetite for sex! Who needs a premise past that? Irrelevant gets right into the action with cock comparisons, mouth stuffing blowjobs and deep doggy style.

But hang on, these ample androids seem to have an update. In the second part of this set, Cleo embarks on a selfcest journey involving three of… herself! Perks of being an android, I guess: she can have a literal threesome with herself! It’s hard to say who the original is as Cleo gets her smooth balls sucked and her big tits licked. Does it really matter, though? As long as these digital deviants can enjoy a suck/fuck train and fulfill their oral urges, none of them are gonna complain!  

Recent Release by Noah Graphicz

Patreon Collection


The first thing you need to know about this set is that it’s one, seriously big ass collection. 158 renders, in eye popping 4K: that’s over 2GB of content! There are quite a few familiar faces here, every one of them pinned- up, posed in cosplay or in the buff…and there’s plenty of buff to go around!

Aside from displaying several popular R34 stars, Noah features some rarely seen girls from much lesser used franchises, which is like a breath of fresh air in a relatively saturated genre. There’s something here for video game and superhero fans alike, or anyone who loves to see an incredible rack and a round ass! 

On that note, this set has some of the most detailed renders I’ve ever seen, with extra special attention spent on pussies and musculature. Even in the realm of fantasy, Noah manages to achieve levels of hyper realism that makes for mouth watering lady bits that look good enough to eat! Mix that in with exceptional lighting and racy poses, and you’ve got one of the best R34 collections in existence!