It must be Horny Season in the fantasy lands, because elves and human women alike are going crazy at the mere sight of a cock, getting playful and doing what it takes to get a good pounding. And since at NGP it’s Horny Season all year round, we bring you all these new pieces of erotic art by no other than Paradox3D, who proudly presents two new image sets depicting the sexiest horniness the magical world has to offer!

Release the Beast

Helen is a busty adventurer who’ll soon find out it’s her lucky day. Her usual dungeon crawling brings her to a secret chamber where the best hung orc she’s seen in a while is chained and asleep… But what a nice, meaty cock he has!, Helen thinks. It’s wasting away here, what a shame! Better give it some love.

The Chronicles of Helen: Steel Chains is a classic Paradox3D work, loved by fans and now brought to you in all its remastered, 4K glory! 68 images full of sexy orc-on-woman action, as the monster, thankful for being released (or possibly, just horny, either will do) eats out and uses all of Helen’s holes giving her an experience she’ll never forget.

No Rest for the Dicked

Last but not least, Paradox3D proudly presents a bundle! Three episodes of Charm of Ruins, featuring elven futa-on-female, now tied in a neat little package for your enjoyment. In these 121 4K images, you’ll see the lustful journey of an elf girl who gets all hot and bothered by seeing her futa friend take a nap with her dick out, so she plays with herself with a toy, until the sleeping beauty wakes up to the scene and gets a serious hard-on. And how could we blame her? What ensues is a non-stop sex mess with barely a break: blowjobs, cunnilingus, titjobs, a pearl necklace and lots of pussy and ass stuffing. This bundle is perfect for a binge watch (or binge fap?) and is now available at the NGP store!