There are some days in our life when we want an elaborate, nuanced erotic story about the systemic oppression of sexual freedoms and the symbolic weight of intercourse in the psyche of humans. And sometimes, we just want to see some hot chicks (with and without cocks) just getting down to business. And both are juuuust fine.

For those of you who are in the mood for the latter, Gonzo Studios has you covered with his sci-fi one-shot image set, “Dickgirl Heaven – Cyber Sex”. But is it just another run-off-the-mill porno set, or is there something special about it? Let’s dive right in and take a closer look!

The Focus Where It Matters

Cyber Sex is a short story that goes straight to the point. With a minimal introduction and no text whatsoever, the visuals alone tell us all we need to know, and without wasting any time, the action starts. An unnamed blonde, rocking space buns and a skimpy outfit with a lot of personality – combining a futuristic style with clear influences of fantasy-adventure costumes – creates a couple of cyborg futa twins. Once that’s out of the way in just a few panels, we get 50+ images of pure, steamy Cyber Sex.

Thanks to this pacing, the meat of this story – the sex itself – has plenty of space. And the artist knows this, and makes the best out of every image! Our blonde sucks cock, takes cock, sucks cock while taking cock, gets some DP, and tries out position after position while rolling her eyes in pleasure. 

The camera enjoys this just as much as her, circling around the dirty threesome, and revelling in every turn and every hump. We get full shots, close-ups, different angles, just to make sure we took a good look at each pose. Gonzo takes their sweet time savouring this naughty dance, and so do we.

You Can’t Kill This Mood

In a porno like this, it’s the setting that makes the scene unique and gives it its very special flavour. With such a short story and no dialogue, this setting can only be communicated through visuals. And that’s one of the strongest points in this image set! 

The atmosphere is perfect, with a palette of blues that immediately conveys this futuristic, interstellar feeling. The enclosed space where everything happens shines its cold lights over the three naughty bodies, making the sweat glisten and the blonde’s blue eyes pop out of her face with every gasp and every orgasmic expression. This small chamber creates a sense of intimacy and secret, so now the viewer is hiding with these three women, doing something forbidden and mischievous!

Dickgirl Heaven Cyber Sex does exactly what it has to do. Great visuals, straightforward storytelling, no beating around the bush. The pacing is perfectly balanced, and the ambience is exquisitely realised. The cyber futas are rendered as mysterious brunettes with a mechanical body that never gets tired of thrusting, and cocks so huge only a proper porno protagonist cold deepthroat them! And of course, a stunning blonde lead, with the face of an angel, but the desire of a naughty girl!


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