F: All right! So, for this sneak peek, this is your space to tease or reveal anything upcoming on your end. What would you like people to know is coming? Or what are you working on currently?

Brynhildr: So, after releasing the last collection about futanari videogame characters, currently you could say that I’m working yet again to another collection! I have still quite a while before I can achieve it, but it will be sooner. This time around will be all about Lesbian couples. Currently deciding if from videogames as well or just original characters. Or maybe both of them! I was also thinking about doing, maybe, another mini – set in the near future but I’m still thinking about what exactly. Searching for inspiration here and there it’s proving to be somewhat hard, hahaha!

F: Pun intended?

B: Maybe.

F: So, about the Lesbian set, can you tease us one or two characters you’re considering?

B: Two characters, huh? Well… I can say instead couples, not just characters! For once, the first couple will probably be 2B and 2P, from Nier and her counterpart that appears in Soul Calibur (which for Square standars now it became canon, but we aren’t talking about that). Most likely those who follows me will remember my 2P because I originally made her futanari, but this time around will be just a regular female.

The other couple I’m thinking about right now, would be someone between Ahri/Evelynn & Akali (or maybe all three, or Mercy & Widowmaker. Or maybe I will make all three couples. Only time will tell!

F: In case you included original characters in the set, would you be creating new girls for this purpose or are you planning on casting already existing characters people know?

B: Back then… or rather, I would say that last year, I would’ve done it. Creating new original characters I mean, just for this purpose. But today in this exact moment, instead I would most likely put someone who is well known to the people/fans that follows me. I mean, I love creating new OC’s out of the blue because every time I go into the store’s I know and see all of the new characters that talented people sculpt from zero, I always have the urge to go and buy literally every one of them. But alas, I realized after a while that I must restrain myself and just stop to those few that along the way, conquered my heart more than others that I made.

F: People will definitely be happy to see their beloved characters getting naughty. All right, that’s great news! Is there anything else you’d like to tell us for now?

B: For now, nothing to say. Other than, as always, that I will hope people will like the results!

F: We’ll be here for it. Thank you for your time!


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