Cafe: Hello, Rikolo, thanks so much for taking the time to speak with us! We’re super excited to be hosting some of your content on our site, but personally I am stoked to hear about your 3D journey. I don’t think there are many futa fans who haven’t seen your work, prolific as it is, but what got you into animating in the first place? Any particular sources of inspiration?

Rikolo: So I stumbled upon 3D porn on naughtymachinima about 10 years ago? Back then it was mostly super short loops. The most used software was probably 3D Sexvilla/Klub 17; I started experimenting with the software and I thought that it shouldn’t be that difficult to make longer videos. At first, I was putting together premade animation, then I started adjusting them and eventually creating them from scratch. Also around that time, I found the works of ‘Caligula’, who is an amazing animator and creator of the F.U.T.A. series. He proved that you can make longer videos and that they can look awesome. Eventually, I created several videos, but the first two I deleted immediately after finishing. I felt like ‘Office Nymphos’, my third one, was decent enough to share.

Cafe: I’m very glad you decided to make the push! You’re right, there weren’t many creators at the time making lengthy animations; you were certainly one of the pioneers. Office nymphs is a throwback! When you first began releasing content, did you think it was going to be received so well? How did your viewers’ feedback factor into your creative direction? Your style has definitely evolved over the years!

Rikolo: Ha, I definitely did not expect that my work would become this popular. I feel like I always just kept doing my thing: I think it’s important that I am 100% into what I do, especially since it takes months to finish my projects. If I did something just cause’ it’s popular, but didn’t enjoy it, I don’t think I would have the willpower to finish. However, popular stuff is popular for a reason, so, for example, I do Overwatch because I enjoy it myself.

Cafe: Hey, that’s actually related to the next question I had for you! This is wonderful advice for any aspiring creator: It’s more important to do what you love than what you think is popular, but you can definitely find a balance! On that note, you’re quite active on your patreon from what I’ve seen, and are active within the 3DX community, (you’re one of the most helpful creators I know). It’s fantastic that you love what you do, but what do you do to unwind and relax when you feel potential burn out coming on?

Rikolo: Well, right now I am working on ‘ does Overwatch’, which involves nearly every Overwatch female. You can imagine this could get tiresome, since every episode has the same premise: always involving in the same room, etc. However, I am trying to give each episode a slightly different feel and leverage the personalities of the different characters. Like Brigitte being rough and aggressive, while Mei is shy and inexperienced. Basically, I am trying to have fun with each episode. Also, with Halloween coming up, I decided to take a small break from the project and work on a Halloween animation.

Cafe: Oh wonderful! That’s definitely something to look forward to! Varying your works even within a theme: another incredible piece of perspective from you. What would you say is the most challenging aspect of your animations? I am not a renderer myself, but many creators I speak with have their gripes with fluids in particular.

Rikolo: Yeah, fluids are really hard in blender, but generally the better you get at anything, the harder it is to get to the next level and everything matters more. Suddenly you need to think about composition, pacing, the180 rule… stuff you never even considered before. Also, mistakes which would be fine when I used TK17 (like minor clipping) are deal breakers at this point.

Cafe: Ahhh yes, the quintessential dilemma of mastering a craft: pushing for perfection! I’m certain you’ll break through it; given your track record, you don’t seem like the kind of person to give up on something you’re so clearly passionate about! Last question here! If you had it your way, and everything went perfectly, what do you see yourself tackling in the future? Is there any kind of content you would like to create but haven’t yet?

Rikolo: So I don’t think I want to do anything vastly different, I just want to get better at what I am doing. What could be fun is maybe doing more collaborations in the future.

Cafe: Hey, that’d be interesting to see! We’re perfectly content with what you’ve been doing: it’s been nothing but great thus far and I can only imagine how much better you’ll get at it! Thanks again for the talk. We look forward to more unique, soft, curvaceous, futa animations!

Whether you’re a futanari fanatic or a casual R34 consumer, Rikolo makes some of the best, high quality animations in the business! If you’d like to show your support (for the purpose of getting more animations!) Rikolo runs a very active Patreon page, where they regularly post updates and releases! Rikolo also has an awesome website with tons of links that doubles as an archive of many past works, so if you’d like to start your collection and/or see what you’ve missed, you can go back as far as 2019!


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