There are two kinds of people in this world: those that say that Lara Croft is hot af, and those who lie. The tomb raider herself, unintended sexy icon since the very beginning of her adventures, has been featured in countless 3DX stories and image sets. And who could argue that Forged3DX has rendered one of the best looking, hottest Lara Croft models out there? Yeah, that’s we thought.

A beauty from all angles

Many of us owe some of our sexual awakening to good ol’ Lara, and have followed her in her adventures ever since. This new contribution to the Lara Croft Fuckverse brings us a beautiful looking tomb raider, with stunning facial features, deliciously rendered sweat textures and a fit  physique that hits a sweet spot, being neither too skinny for the character not too bulky to deprive her of her grace. You will see her athletic complexion in great detail; the first shots at the beginning, showcasing her under a very atmospheric torch light, are worth admiring!

The power of pussy

The plot of this story shows Lara Croft entering a secret temple, and finding the coditiated Jade Skull. But, oh surprise, two muscular men are standing in the shadows, their eyes locked on Lara’s stunning body! They plan to take the treasure from her, but little do they know that the tomb raider’s most powerful offense and defense weapon is her own body!

Lara quickly turns the tides on her two opponents, by using all her holes to please them once and again until they are no longer able to resist her! The two have lost the opportunity to take home the Jade Skull, which Lara can now claim for herself, but given the circumstances, it’s safe to assume that they won’t consider it a lost day after all! 


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