You’ve probably noticed this already, but we here at NGP are a little obsessed with 3DX. So much so, in fact, that we can recognize others who are equally obsessed, which is exactly why we’re happy to present this review for Agent Red Girl’s newest animation, “Doe Dick”.

Doe Dick is the second installment in the running series “Amy’s Big Wish.”

Agent Red Girl’s previous series, “All my Roomates Love” is probably the artist’s best known work, if you didn’t know. If you’re a futa and 3D fan and you haven’t seen the series, stop reading this right this instant and go watch it on Pornhub.

For the rest of you, let’s talk about Doe Dick!


Now, we don’t wanna give too much away, so I’ll be talking more about the themes of the animation than the story.

Amy Long skips into her class to talk to her teacher, Miss Redding, about her latest assignment’s grade. Miss Redding was allegedly unimpressed with Amy’s work, and tells her as much. Amy is so concerned about her GPA that she’ll do anything to make up the work. Miss Redding, being the generous teacher that she is, gives Amy the opportunity for a little extra credit…

Alright, first things first: ARG knows how to make an entertaining story. They’re very good at taking the ‘usual’ tropes and putting a cool spin on them to shake things up. Is this a typical teacher/student pairing? Yes, but there’s a little sprinkle of personal longing and a dash of SPH to season it.

I always appreciate ARG’s mixture of light emotional drama paired with hot sex that doesn’t take itself overly seriously. Even though the themes are thoroughly fantasy, there’s something that feels like a dash of reality, and it adds some complexity that’s impossible to get with just raw sex.


Perhaps the most noticeable difference between Doe Dick and the AMRL series is the cleaner, more fluid animation. AMRL was awesome, don’t get me wrong, but Agent Red Girl has definitely upped their game for this latest installment.

There are so many details in the clip that I had to watch it multiple times to catch them all. Facial expressions, especially, have been improved upon vastly. Small things, like head tilts and subtle body language, add a nice, natural touch that makes the characters look more alive and less ‘rendered’.

Besides the overall jump in quality, there are some fantastic POV angles thrown in here and there. Sometimes, I find that POV shots in animations can be a little jarring, but these are executed well and move along with the animations seamlessly.

Cumshots: Yes! That’s all I can say. Seriously, though, ARG is an obvious connoisseur of the “self” facial and body shots. Incidentally, so am I, and Amy gets some good air with her fireworks!


The voice work is awesome, as usual!

Good voice casting is often overlooked in 3D animations, or artists choose to use recycled voice packs, but ARG consistently goes out of the way to hire excellent VAs. It’s something I’ve noticed them doing since the beginning and this animation is no different.

Amy (voiced by Silkymilkvoices) is the perfect combination of cute and smart. The teacher, Miss Redding (Voiced by MidnightDatura) brings the teacher/pet dynamic to completion with a haughty, somewhat matronizing tone.

Amy’s voice is light and somewhat innocent, and Miss Redding’s voice is smoky and femininely deep: hearing the banter between the two characters is as enjoyable as it is sexy.

The sound effects and music are well balanced: noticeable, but not over the top, and they definitely don’t get in the way of the action.

Bringing it together in one ‘package’

When all is said and done, I have to say that I am totally stoked to see what ARG has in store for future episodes. This is only the second chapter in this series, and, as much as I loved the first episode, ‘Candy Cane’ (I frickin’ love futa solo!) Doe Dick surpasses it in pretty much every way. If you’ve been wanting to support Agent Red Girl, but were on the fence about it, I  can tell you with certainty that it will be 110% worth the investment!

If you didn’t catch it, we had an interview with ARG, which you can read here: Interview Agent Red Girl

Agent Red Girl’s content is only going to get better, and they’ve got big plans, including a whole lot more Amy’s big wish, so stay tuned!


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