We all love shiny new sets from our favorite creators, but there’s something to be said for the comfort of our favorites. When you crave 3D futa, it’s nice knowing that the ol’ reliables are there, like a warm friend. In Mrs. Rose’s case, a well broken-in old friend…

Here’s our top 3 favorite Serge3dx sets! Spoiler alert: they all contain smokin’ hot MILFs and huge cock teens! 😉

Jerk-off Time

Do you remember how horny you were when you were 18? How bad do you think it would have been if you were a sexy futa with a huge erection constantly raging between your legs?

Well, that’s exactly what happens to futa teen Gina when she’s forced to be alone with her busty, hot teacher, Mrs. Rose. Gina’s had a crush on her teacher for a while, but when the truth comes out (and her dick) Mrs. Rose turns out to be more than willing to return the girl’s feelings with her big tits!

42 pages of teen futa on milf action! Who doesn’t want to see a young, nubile futa ‘cramming’ for exams with her milfy teacher? After giving it to her teacher right on her desk, Gina blows an A+ load that’s sure to mark the kickoff of a wonderful new relationship!

Futa Breeding Slave

After constantly fucking her student and getting pumped full of fresh futanari cum, it was only a matter of time before Rose got knocked up. Naturally, Rose just had to put a ring on it, and the two newlyweds have just finished enjoying their honeymoon!

As an expecting mother, Rose’s tits and belly have swollen to massive proportions, but this has only made her hornier! The much younger Gina has definitely taken the more dominant role in the relationship, and even after their honeymoon, the new futa ‘dad’ is willing to do everything in her power to make her subby preggo wife call her daddy!

In this 74 image set, watch Gina take control over her teacher like never before! The dommy, pussy hungry futa has come a long way from her time as a student in detention, and she milks Rose for all she’s worth…literally! Rose’s milfy, tender tits are filled with creamy milk, and if you like the idea of a teen futa banging a sexually insatiable pregnant milf (and squeezing her lactating tits dry!) this’ll check off plenty of marks on your kink checklist.  

Date with Principal

After picking the shy Alison up from campus, the devilish principal, Mrs. Elizabeth, takes her to a movie. (Check out Alison’s debut for more context!)

 As you can well imagine, the stacked, mature woman is more interested in the ‘showing’ beneath Alison’s skirt, and things get heated. Unfortunately for Alison, they get caught (boo!) and leave the theater, only to stumble upon a lingerie store made specially for girl’s of the nerds’…persuasion.

After choosing some new lingerie for her small tits toy, Mrs. Elizabeth heads home where her hubby is waiting. He knows he has a small dick (the principal likes to remind him lovingly) but lucky for him, he also loves to watch!

This set is GIGANTIC: 214 pages, to be precise. What’s more mind blowing than the size of the set (and Alison’s dick) is the absurd amount of sheer content and themes that Serge manages to squeeze in, all without feeling one bit rushed.

Orgasm denial, sexting, creampies, cuckolding, cum guzzling…it’s incredible how long the list is!

There are so many great cumshot scenes in this comic, it’s fully scripted and the action is consistent throughout…all the way until Alison finally crams her ultra-cock into the big ass, anal paradise she’s been craving.



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