Cafe: Hey there, Redrobot, it’s been awhile! Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us! We know you’ve been busy putting out some great sets, but what’s been going on with you? What’s been inspiring you?

Redrobot: Greetings! Thanks for getting back in touch with me. I’m glad that you’re interested in seeing what I’ve been up to, this year actually marks the 10 year anniversary of me getting into 3D comics professionally. Since then, I’ve published over 60 original full length 3DX comics, with almost every genre covered. From slice of life, superhero, sci-fi, fantasy, action adventure, and horror. I wouldn’t be able to do this without all the support I’ve gained over the years from regular clients, casual shoppers picking up a comic or two, or long time fans that support me via my stores and patreon. My work has come a long way, and if you were to compare some of my first comics to my newest releases you’d definitely see a change for the better in them. Mostly in my story telling, lighting, and character set up and interactions. 

In terms of my inspiration a lot of that used to be mainstream comic books. The good stuff back from the 90’s and early 00’s. Modern comics are nowhere near as they used to be now that they’re mostly run by loonies that have no idea how to tell a story. I think what we’re doing with 3DX books is pushing both the narrative and illustrative side of sequential art. Hell, some 3DX books are selling almost as much as some mainstream indie titles. I wish we would get better recognition for the amount of time and effort we put into our books, however, seeing that what we do has a lot of adult content, we quite haven’t pushed that boundary yet into the mainstream side of things.

I’d like to think that the characters I have in my books are throwbacks to those cheesecake characters you used to get in Marvel and DC titles, Before the SJWs came in and sanitized everything.  Defeminizing female heroines and demasculinizing the male superheroes. I, for one, like having beautiful women in my books and heroic guys. Although, I think my fans prefer more of the busty ladies starring in their titles, haha. 

There are numerous 3DX artists and DAZ modelers that I’m friends with in RL that inspire me and give me a lot of help in my work. Making me custom models, sets, and props. It would take too long to thank them all, but they know that they are greatly appreciated.

Cafe: Congrats on the anniversary, that’s awesome! Your work definitely has levels, it’s very noticeable! So, what have you got in the works that you hope to have out soon?

Redrobot: I have several comics that are nearly done or close to completion. Then, after that it’s just the writing and lettering phases of putting the book together. I think I’ve got 4 books that are almost 90% done and then scripts for 2 more that I’m going to be starting in May. A couple of them star a certain French Canadian glamour/cosplay model that I did an original figure of. Once you see her you’d know who I’m talking about. 

Cafe: Very cool, that’s a ton of new content! What are your long term goals for 2021 and beyond?

Redrobot: I want to get back into drawing regularly, like at a professional level. Originally, I have a background in traditional illustration and painting. I’ve been practicing every night and hope to start putting out some original comics (possibly adult) and concept pieces this year. I feel that my work is pretty rusty and not near the level I would like it to be. I’m going to look at some ways to combine my 3D work with my 2D to create a unique blend and help me stand out among the crowd. I would also like to try my hand at animation, however, with graphics boards being the way they are, it’s nearly impossible finding one to upgrade my PC. It’s almost cheaper just to save up and get a prebuilt PC with one already in it, then use my current rig as a backup in case anything were to happen.

I’d like to try just 10-30 sec loops and maybe move into longer length movies. 

I’m also planning on relocating to South America from the US in 2022 as the cost of living is far lower and I could easily set up my own studio down there for 1/3rd the cost of the price here in the states!

Cafe: That’s a huge move! Lots of exciting stuff: it’s awesome to see that you’re still going strong after such a long time, we’re hyped to see some of that hybrid work from you!

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