Cafe: Hello Redrobot, it’s been quite some time since we last spoke. We’re itching to hear about what you’ve got planned for the near future, but you’ve already put out some great stuff this year! 

Redrobot: First of all, thank you for getting back in touch with me. With so many talented artists out there, it’s a bit easy to get lost in the crowd. Each year we see more and more people getting into the 3DX realm. While it does bring fresh new talent and ideas to the scene, it does start to feel a little crowded!

Cafe: It does seem to be getting pretty snug in here! Still, it seems like a lot of newer artists are taking a lot of lessons from the seasoned vets. 

Before we get into your new stuff, has anything in particular been inspiring you recently?

Redrobot: In the past month I was finally able to get a new graphics card for my PC. An RTX 3060. I’ve been using an older GTX 1070 for the past few years on my machine because frankly GPUs were unaffordable for me. What should’ve been a $300-400 purchase had turned into a $800-900 purchase with the bitcoin miners purchasing up all the cards. 

Now that the bitcoin market has crashed, GPU cards have become readily more available for people like me. I have to say it’s complete night and day when it comes to rendering. 

I had been stuck at 1900×1080 resolution, because anything bigger would’ve taken my card upwards to 60mins to render per image. Now combine that with a 80+ panel book and you’re leaving your machine on for days at a time rendering out images. I had found a sweet spot at 30-40 mins per scene at the lower resolution. However, even at that I had to, because of my scene size and thus was limited. 

With the new card I have a lot more memory to add additional characters, props, and lighting to my scenes. Also I’m able to render at a much higher resolution at nearly 2-4k per shot! That alone tremendously improves the quality of my work and helps me to stand out amongst the crowing 3DX community. 

I am planning on eventually building a new computer in the new year. After the new RTX 4000 series is released as well as the new AMD processors and DDR5 memory. 

I would like to try my hand at animation in the future. That might involve me having to finally learn Blender and then I can be part of the cool kids in the animation scene.

Cafe: Congrats on the new card! Yeah, the market was rough there for a good long while, but your renders have definitely shot up in quality!

Seems like everyone is having to learn at least a little Blender these days, though time will tell if it overtakes some of the other softwares.  

Now that you’re a bit closer to the set up you want, what kind of sweet content do you currently have in the works?

Redrobot: Coming up later this summer I have the continuation of some ongoing Bio-Evil comics. This includes part 2 of “The Mansion”, “Side Effects”, and “Project K9”.  Also seeing how well my last Cara Lox title did, I will be bringing her back for more sexy adventures. Privately I have some commission series that I’ve been working on that when finished I’ll be able to publicly release. 

Cafe: Sounds great, that’s a lot of new projects in the pipeline!

Sometime in the future, are there any specific genres or content types you’ve been wanting to try, but haven’t gotten around to yet?

Redrobot: A lot of times my content is driven by what the market is wanting. For instance, I tried my hand at superheroine theme books but those sold poorly. However, I found that horror and sci-fi theme books tend to be more favorable for the audience and I try to give them more of what they want. Bio-Evil being a very successful title that fits both the horror and sci-fi erotica markets in particular.  So you can expect to see more Jane St. Patrick adventures in the future.

Cafe: Awesome! We definitely look forward to that, and we’re excited to see your upcoming releases! Let’s hope we can all get our hands on some new GPUs, as well!
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