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The Long Dick of the Law

After her wacky adventures in parallel dimensions, futa agent L.O.R.A. manages to get in trouble in planet G, where two muscular dickgirl officers ambush and neutralise the intruder using a quite particular immobilisation device, of the rectal kind. Overwhelmed by the anal intrusion, L.O.R.A. falls defenceless in the power of the two officers, who are ready to punish her bad behaviour and fuck a confession out of her, no matter what it takes!

We Can Do This the Hard Way

Soon, L.O.R.A. will find out that the police officers are fucking, not fucking around. She’ll be forced to strip naked and endure a harsh paddling, and before her ass cheeks can lose their deep blush, her ass will be invaded by all sorts of things! The officers will shove their dicks, devices and feet inside her, trying to break her! Will L.O.R.A. be able to endure this handling, intense to the point that her belly will bulge full of police dick and jizz? Will she resist the need to break when her cock hole gets fucked and she’s forced to cum? Will she ask for mercy when both girthy cocks are pushed deep inside her ass at once, or will she prevail in the end?

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