Good porn, live action or otherwise, allows us to explore our kinks and fantasies beyond the limitations of our daily lives. Even more, on top of showing us sexy people in stimulating situations, it can create a cool and safe space for us to rethink who we are, what we want and how we can enjoy our lives! If you have any doubt about it, look no further than the fun transgressions that make up 3DX’s bread and butter!

Rethink gender roles, one futa at the time!

From the very beginning of our lives, many of us were raised to think that gender was a set of two little boxes – boys and girls – with very limiting and well-defined sets of traits and roles. But life offers so many more possibilities than that boring worldview! Every day of every week, 3DX artists present us with plenty of new ways to experience sexuality. Futanaris and she-orcs break the boundaries of what the “female role” is supposed to be, alien and monster sex redefine what even sexually attractive features are all about, and of course… that pesky heteronormativity takes a big horsecock up the ass and likes it.

A space safe from the “gay panic”

The pressure to conform to sexual and gender norms in our daily lives can be extremely oppressive, and suffocate our courage to discover and have fun with new corners of our own sexuality. 3DX slams down those norms and shows us that gender and attraction can be fluid and flexible, and that’s all part of the game.

There might be no better example than the character of Krata, a genderbent version of Kratos from God of War rendered by a house favourite, the artist SquarePeg. With just a sprinkle of 3DX magic, the angry Spartan can become a jaw-dropping female beauty, endowed with a massive cock ready for the battle, and still preserve its trademark essence of a fierce, unstoppable warrior. Gender is fluid. The sky is the limit.

Free of judgement and flexible with all rules, the world of 3DX is certainly a great space for you to explore and enjoy the transgression of those outdated views of gender and sex!


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