Cafe: Hello, Puppetmaster! It’s awesome to speak with you again, it’s been quite some time since our last interview. You’ve made some incredible progress with your work since then, and we’re crazy excited to have some of your products in our store!

Puppetmaster: Thanks a lot! I am also glad that we are in your Shop now.

Cafe: Hell yeah! I recently did a piece highlighting those products, definitely looking forward to getting some more. We’re anxious to catch up with your work, but first, I wanted to ask a bit about your personal journey. It’s been roughly a year since we last spoke, and a crazy one at that. How has it affected your ability to move forward with your content?

Puppetmaster: Indeed, a lot has happened since we last talked! The release of Episode 6 was the biggest work related thing. Right after that we decided to switch to 3D-Engine, which is currently in progress and will take time, but it’s definitely worth it! And of course, the whole Covid thing was/is going on. Since I have been working from home, my workflow did not actually change. But of course, as for everyone else on this planet, it was/is a major mental stress.

Cafe: Definitely true, but I’m glad that it didn’t impact your schedule too much!

Alright, let’s talk about Sensual Adventures! Part 6, which you mentioned, is a fantastic entry: truly, the perfect ramp up from part 5. You put so much detail and extra content in your animations, and it shows, but do you have a favorite detail or something you took specific care to get just right in part 6?

Puppetmaster: For Episode 6 we had access to a motion capture studio for all non-Sex animations. A friend of mine started a Mocap Studio very close and we were allowed to test it. It´s a big timesaver! All the dialogue was recorded using Mocap for the Body. For the Face we used a mix of Facial-Mocap and Keyframe animation. Also a big timesaver 🙂

But just the last dialogue, which is around 1:30min, 4 characters talking, all on screen most of the time… That would have been a nightmare to keyframe animate. One more thing about motion capture is that the whole character is “animated”. Usually, when you keyframe animations for cutscenes, you animate “to the camera” which means, if you can´t see for example, the legs, you don’t animate them. That also restricts you very much if you want to go crazy with the camera. With Mocap there is a lot more freedom. Since all parts of the characters are always animated, you can change the camera however you like without running into issues.

In order to be able to use Mocap I had to redo all the rigs because there were some significant changes necessary to make it all work. The good thing about it is that it can be used for all future productions.

Cafe: Wow, that’s awesome! The difference in movement fluidity can definitely be seen with and without the mocap. You’re doing an incredible job pushing this kind of content into the next tier of quality!

This has been fantastic stuff, but can you tell us anything about what the future holds? We’ll take any tidbit you’re willing to give us! Can we expect more SA and are you planning on working on anything else?

Puppetmaster: As I mentioned already, we are currently switching 3D-Engines. Before we used Unity and now we’ve switched to Unreal. The reason for that is that the performance and visual quality of Unreal is a lot better. At least for PC (what we focus on).

The next big thing will be a Sandbox-Game on a tropical Island. You will be able to explore, fight, chill out, upgrade things and of course: have a lot of really hot Sex!

Marie, who is in charge of the Story for all my productions, already fleshed out the main Plot. It´s exciting 🙂 I plan to go for a small “Uncharted” type of game. So you have things to do and the Story is told with cutscenes in between important achievements/developments. If we already have access to a Mocap Studio, we need to use it 😉

And since we know from Episode 6 that there is a pirate Treasure supposed to be hidden on a nearby Island, you can surely imagine it will be a great adventure. And of course, there will be Charity who was also mentioned at the end of EP6…

So yeah, that’s pretty much it! Lot´s of development and research going on right now with the game development and also rendering in Unreal. Things are taking time but it will be definitely worth it. You can already play a veeery early Benchmark scene on the Island. It’s really basic and with the standard Unreal character, but you will get an idea of the visual Quality and setting:

Enjoy 😉

Cafe: I’m almost speechless with excitement…holy freakin’ futanari, that sounds awesome! We’ll wait for as long as we need to for such an enormously cool production! Thank you so much for your time, Puppetmaster, absolute best of luck in all your future endeavors!

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