When you’re the main character in a porn story, you know there are certain easy ways to get away with breaking the law. Sure, you can be the innocent-looking Asian girl with puppy eyes and a body sculpted by the Eastern Gods, but when the blonde police officer comes your way, big ass rocking and big breasts bouncing – not to mention her huge cock fighting its imprisonment inside her uniform – you know exactly what to do to avoid that ticket. And we’re all here for it.

In Nonsane’s new contemporary comic, Futa Stop, we’re invited to behold some futa-on-female action as a well-hung officer gives a girl driver a taste of the long dick of the Law. The Asian woman realizes soon enough that the officer is a dickgirl and offers her an alternative payment method. She receives the officer’s schlong between her small breasts and gives her some oral pleasures, demonstrating her stunning talent to open her mouth big and wide. After the blowjob, the officer makes her bend over and uses her cane as a sex toy to get her all wet and ready for her massive meatloaf. The Asian girl demonstrates her physical prowess, pulling off fantastic sex stunts on top of the police car! After getting her dick pleasured in every way possible, the officer finishes the scene with a massive cumshot!

And since Nonsane wants to treat you well, he has included at the very end of the comic a series of pinup images of both characters, with and without their clothes, posing on top of the police car for your viewing pleasure. We must retribute the artist for such a kind gesture, shouldn’t we? Go check out now Nonsane’s new release, Futa Stop! 70 imaged of pure futa goodness, available now at the NGP store!