If you ever doubt that the future is here, all you have to do is log in on Chaturbate and check out who is the top viewed camgirl these days. But there is no need for us to tell you this, because unless you’ve been living in a remote isle without Internet for the past two weeks (and therefore have missed all the memes) you know exactly what we are talking about.

Projekt Melody has revolutionised the Internet with an innovative premise that, to be honest, had to come to reality sooner or later. The motion capture and avatar technology of the VTubers taken to the next level, creating a beautiful and adorable virtual camgirl that will chat with you! A sexual experience of a new generation, that not long ago was only possible in fiction, is now just one click away.

Melody streams 5 days of the week, talks to you in English, and posts daily on her Twitter, sharing fanarts, shouting out collaborators and engaging with her audience. The numbers speak for themselves: less than a month after her debut, she already has over 120,000 Twitter followers and 2800 Patreon supporters, as well as over 2,000 people in her Discord.

Her sudden appearance and rise to fame took the Internet by surprise. She herself chats with her audience, gives interviews and posts on her social media, sharing how blown away she is with the impact she has had so far. And we must say, all these numbers speak for themselves. Love her or hate her – as the Internet loves to do –  Melody is a sensation. There is no doubt that after her debut, other virtual camgirls and pornstars will follow. A new era of interactive sexual content has already started, and we’re here for it.

For those who back in the day dreamed about stories like Video Girl Ai, this seems to be the time that many of those narratives will become a reality. 


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