Sergical Precision

It’s hard to say exactly why we love the futanari genre so much without blabbering on about all the reasons for its awesomeness. Instead of attempting the impossible, we’d like to present Serge3dx and their latest. Why? Because a picture is worth a thousand words, and Serge’s set speaks loudly for how amazing the futa genre can be!

Date with Dick Destiny

“Date with Principal” as the simple title suggests, is about an insatiable MILF with big tits who’s taking her new, glasses wearing teen futa on a Saturday date. But… it’s so much more than just a sequel, and we’ll tell you why. Oh, but, seriously, take a look at part 1 if you love nerdy, ultra hung futanari, you’ll be happy you did!

After picking the shy Alison up from campus, the devilish principal, Mrs. Elizabeth, takes her to a movie. As you can well imagine, the stacked, mature woman is more interested in the ‘showing’ beneath Alison’s skirt, and things get heated. Unfortunately for Alison, they get caught (boo!) and leave the theater, only to stumble upon a lingerie store made specially for girl’s of the nerds’…persuasion.

After choosing some new lingerie for her small tits toy, Mrs. Elizabeth heads home where her hubby is waiting. He knows he has a small dick (the principal likes to remind him lovingly) but lucky for him, he also loves to watch!

Okay, we’re not going to exhaust the story description because this set is GIGANTIC: 214 pages, to be precise. What’s more mind blowing than the size of the set (and Alison’s dick) is the absurd amount of sheer content and themes that Serge manages to squeeze in, all without feeling one bit rushed.

Orgasm denial, sexting, creampies, cuckolding, cum guzzling…it’s incredible how long the list is!

There are so many great cumshot scenes in this comic, it’s fully scripted and the action is consistent throughout…all the way until Alison finally crams her ultra-cock into the anal paradise she’s been craving.

If you know and love Serge’s work, this is a legitimate must buy. If you’re a new cummer to this stellar creator, this is a wonderful set to start your collection with! Serge even throws in some surprises at the end, and of course, a timid nerd just loves her masturbation sessions…


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