It’s always a delight to see all those beautiful women in our video games go on adventures, gather resources and defeat the bad guys with a kickass theme song. And some would say, it is an even bigger delight to see them grow dicks and fuck each other silly. For those of you who didn’t say “wow, that escalated quickly!” and instead smiled and rubbed your hands in anticipation, here we present Brynhildr’s new Video Game Rule34 set, Video Games Futanari Collection, Volume 1!

Presenting Our Lineup!

This image set presents a variety of classic girls from games, such as Street Fighter’s Chun-Li and Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa and Aerith, as well as other newer characters like 2B from NieR:Automata and Pharah and Mercy from Overwatch, some of which have been “futa-fied” and now sport huge cocks that the can’t wait to shove up each other’s holes! All genres are represented here, from contemporary to fantasy to Sci-Fi, so whatever your jam is, you’re sure to find here something that scratches your itch!

From 0 to 100

This dickgirl-on-female and dickgirl-on-dickgirl collection features all sorts of pinups, ramping up from playful solo poses to full-on group futanari sex. See the girls lose themselves in their lesbian romance and heated mating with blowjobs, creampies and all that goodness we like to see. 

Some highlights include Poison shoving her huge donger up Lulu’s pussy, 2B dropping her jaw to swallow Tifa’s massive cock, Pharah preparing for her threesome with Mercy and Brigitte by exercising naked, and futanari Scarlet caressing Aerith’s preggo belly. Oh, and did we mention those pictures where Tifa fucks herself? Selfcest is wincest, after all! Don’t worry, they’ll have enough juice left in them to double-team Aerith right afterwards…

You absolutely can’t miss this collection of hot video game futanari action, now available at the NGP store! Grab it right now and get treats for days and days!