The gladiator arena of the 13th Gate welcomes all sorts of hot women, with and without cocks, to fight semi nude for the entertainment of the masses. These stunning beauties train hard every day, keeping their bodies toned and their muscles well-contoured… their shiny, sweaty bodies hitting the dummies under the sun.

But it can be so challenging to focus on training! With all those other semi nude gladiators, and the uncertainty that they’ll survive their next fight, passions burn quickly and intensely, and futas and women alike unleash their desire with wild group sex! Welcome to the training grounds, let’s fuck a lot today.

Threesome after Training

Two female gladiators have just finished their workout, but they still have some energy they’d like to burn. Just when they started making out, ready to kick it up to full gear, a muscled futa arrives in search for a piece of the action. She’ll get her cock sucked and cum on her rival’s face, then the three fighters will roll on the ground while fucking in a passionate trio! 

This porn comic by Ashley Sugar goes straight to the point with the hot stuff, and includes an alternative version with a second futanari for those of you who fancy some dickgirl-on-dickgirl action! With a total of 120 FHD images, exquisitely rendered by an artist who has proven herself time and time again, earning the love of our members (in more than one way!), this erotic adventure, taking place in the fantasy saga of the 13th Gate, is sure to tickle your fancy and help you sleep at night.

Moreover, just as we have come to expect from Ashley Sugar, this story is entirely rendered in portrait mode, perfect for the screen of your phone. So no matter if you’re on the go or snuggling comfortably in your bed, the gladiators of 13th Gate will keep you company with their warm bodies and their insatiable lust!