What do feisty warriors, innocent princesses and inexperienced vanillas have in common? That they look hella hot restrained while one or more powerful characters give them the business! For those of you who agree with this philosophical statement, we’ve gathered the best stories and image sets for you to contemplate in profound meditation. Enjoy!

Who wants to orc the maiden?

Fantasia is a delicate young lady who loves to sunbathe with few clothes on. Her succulent figure is more than enough to attract a band of wandering orcs, who pile up on her ready for some gang bang action! In the first instalment of this image set by The Merovingian, titled “Attack of the Orcs”, fans of group sex and fantasy settings will have their fill with 66 high quality images of Fantasia’s descent into sluttiness via rough sex with orc dick!

Dommed into submission

Mistress Janine likes her slaves hot and obedient, and Faith wants to be under her heel, pleasing her in every way she fancies. The Mistress, with the help of her other, very enthusiastic slave Denise, will train Faith and force her to experience pain and pleasure in their BDSM dungeon, until she becomes a submissive bondage bimbo! See her transformation now for a discount, in Miki3dx’s Bimbo Training bundle, featuring the 5 chapters of this story with over 350 images!

Teach the elf a lesson

Role playing game enthusiasts and Tolkienian readers alike, we have something special for you! Meet the fierce elven warrior Nia, and see her get sold into slavery and pounded into submission. Her new master will test her, to decide what to do with her, and the tests includes not only pleasing him but also a well-hung minotaur! But it doesn’t end there: Nia will then be tied up in ropes and exposed in the public plaza, where you can expect some opportunistic forced sex to happen. All of this and more in the two-parter Tales of Nia, by FantasyErotic, with over 150 4K images total!