Hold the Stills!

Do we love 3D stills? Always and forever, but sometimes we crave a little movement, a little flash, a little action! Thankfully, we’ve got some very talented animators like Xalas who use the tools of the trade to put, well, other kinds of ‘tools’ to good use. We’ve just acquired some high quality, classic animations, and if you’ve missed them in the past, now’s the time to discover them! 

Phires fantasy 1

The kingdom of Phires is in grave danger: the seal keeping an ancient evil at bay has been released! Thankfully, a well hung hero exists, but when an Emissary from Queen Gylledha is sent to fetch him, she’s dismayed to see that he’s still exhausted from his last battle.

The beautiful and wise sorceress, Ciara, is keen on helping the knight to ‘recharge’ his lost energy, and let’s just say that he’s quick to ‘rise to the occasion’ when she offers her services…

This 21 minute animation features solid (and some very soft) straight fantasy and satisfying pussy penetration. If you can’t get enough of big ass elves with giant, bouncing racks (how could you ever get enough?) this belongs in your collection!

Phires Fantasy 1-2 

The bold Helga and beautiful Xia are off on a dangerous quest to rescue a captured princess. Tired from their journey, their magic reserves exhausted, they decide to camp in the Fhi forest to catch some rest.

Their relaxation is cut short when a curious troll gets caught ogling and trying to sneak a feel! Helga grabs him by the neck, understandably upset…until she realizes that he’s a special kind of troll, filled to the brim with the realm’s magic ‘nectra’.

And everyone knows (right?!) that the best way to extract magical energy is through a throbbing, glowing hot, huge cock!

Xalas does it again in this 14 minute animation! Gorgeous models, fast paced stroking and sucking, and one grumpy elf turned to a very excited one! Helga uses all of her womanly wiles, including her feet, to milk that troll for every drop of ‘nectra’ he’s worth. It’s all in the name of saving the princess, but maybe Helga is having a bit too much fun?