Por Knight Elayne can’t catch a break. When she’s not getting fucked by her slave master, or her slavemaster’s friends, she’s getting captured for a reward and, guess what happens, she gets fucked. It’s to be expected for a porn heroine, so this surprises nobody, but at this point, she’s had so much monstercock inside of her that it should be no wonder she gets addicted to it. Not like we mind, of course.Hibbli3D treats us with not just one, but two, Knight Elayne products fresh on our store! For a total of 93FHD images of pure monster-on-elf goodness, we have medieval boning to spare with Knight Elayne: Memoria III and Knight Elayne: Sold!

Sharing Is Caring!

Elayne’s owner keeps making good use of that elven pussy, fucking her slave time and again and cumming down her throat. But the goblin doesn’t want to keep his plaything for himself! He has now summoned his friends so they, too, can get a taste of the petit blonde. After getting fucked so many times, it would seem to be that the slave, after all, is starting to enjoy all that goblin cock..

Elayne’s backstory continues with Knight Elayne: Memoria III, where we found out more on how her body and psyche have been shaped by a torturous sexual past!

A Reward Better Than Money?

Back on present day,the one-shot story Knight Elayne: Sold! shows us how our favourite blonde elf has been captured by bounty hunter Rinil, a busty dark elf and brought to a crime boss, who, of course, happens to be a monster with a huge cock. Predictably, the creature wants to shove his huge cock downElayne’s pussy and ass, but also, it would seem to be that he also fancies himself some dark elf! The exchange becomes a threesome that neither Rinil nor Elayne will ever forget…