Petit elf Elayne will fight for justice, defend the innocent and battle against the forces of Evil. Armed with her sense of duty and her very light set of armour, she ventures fearlessly towards the claws of goblins and devils! And as a result, she gets captured and used as elven cum dumpster every time. But that doesn’t dishearten her, which is very commendable.

Now, after being gangbanged by goblins, gotten friendly with her elf girlfriend Ezri, and pomped by a big ogre in the tavern, Knight Elayne is ready to take up on a bigger challenge! That mean-looking enormous devil sure deserves some punishments for his evil deeds, and off she goes to teach him a lesson… though, judging by the looks of it, it’s the little paladin herself who will get punished at the end. Size difference, teasing, monster sex, anal and blowjob are only a few of the treats hidden in this new chapter of Knight Elayne’s misadventures!