What makes 3DX so special is that it allows us to see and experience worlds and characters beyond our daily reality. Fantasy settings open up a virtually infinite array of monsters, sex spells and impossible physical feats! That’s why we want to celebrate this year’s top fantasy sets on NGP!

Trail by Combat, by 3DZen

Lea is a fearless warrior who’ll face any challenge and any opponent. When she gets offered the possibility of fighting for her life in a trial by combat, she says yes without hesitation. But she’ll be surprised to find out that what awaits her in the arena is not another fighter, but two horny minotaurs ready to stuff her and cover her in more cum than she’s ever seen in her life!

Visions of Dead Tide, Vol III, by Gazukull

Jessenia, the shape-shifting Dread Pirate Queen, has decided to don her succubus attire and materialise in the bedroom of an unsuspecting human. The lucky chosen one had no idea that his fapping session would be interrupted by this sculptural dominatrix, and his dick would end up ravaged by her infernal pussy!

Them – Season 1 Bundle, by GonzoStudios

This bundle gathers the entire S1 of GonzoStudios’ fantasy horror series, featuring a creepy circus full of nightmarish creatures. Poor Rachel ends up in the clutches of these beings, including sadistic acrobats, monstrous clowns and other dark performers who will use her body in more ways she might be able to bear…

Neon Goddess – Girl’s Play, by Alexgoldxx

In this multimedia package, on top of the HD image set depicting the Neon Goddess herself having some fun with her girlfriend, Alexgoldx takes us on an erotic VR trip where we can take our sweet time to explore this sci-fi world of lust. 

Carla Lox Collection, Vol. 1, by Redrobot3D

In this huge bundle, we’ll see explorer Cara Lox and her multiple close encounters of the sex type. She has a fascination for unearthing relics and remains that she can in one way or another stuff between her legs, which triggers all sorts of magic erotic situations. Zombies, demons, mercenaries, all creatures want to give her some dicking, and she’s here for it.