F: So, tell us! What are you working on these days?

DEVLGo: I just finished a new character. I was, in fact, remaking an old one but, while making the changes, it came… different. So now she’s new. I am also, remaking an old set of mine. This is some kind of procrastination before advancing into many things that I’ve been leaving behind.

F: There’s no better procrastination than productive procrastination 😉

D: Yes. It’s… I need it to restart my brain, if you know what I mean.

F: Absolutely. Artist here, the struggle’s real! So, would you like to tell us something about those upcoming projects you’re gonna go back to soon? What can we expect from DEVLGo’s kitchen in the next few months?

D: Hm. I have a few goals. The first one is to improve old characters. I learned a lot of new techniques and those characters… I want to be able to use them again. Then, there’s a collaborative project. I’ve done my part but it will be announced when the people behind it feel that it’s ready, so I cannot talk too much about it. I just wanna say that it was a big effort, something different from what I usually do and I’m really proud of it. Then, I want to advance into what’s my only really written story. There’s a set of mine called The Sacred Balls. It was like some kind of prologue or introduction. But it doesn’t work unless there’s some backstory to it. So I’m actually developing it. This, and, as I said, remaking old works. I don’t want to leave them behind as mistakes from the past.

F: It will be great to see your evolution as an artist. Can we know the names of some works that are in the remake pipeline, or will it remain a mystery for a while longer?

D: No. I can name them. Currently, I’m remaking a cosplay set with one of my older characters, Runa. She’s dressing as an elf. The original set was made with just a backdrop and a couple of lights. Now, I’m bringing a proper environment and lights and I plan to expand it a bit in order to make it a bit more lewd than it was originally. Then, there’s another of my characters, Diana. I made, like three years ago, a few pictures of her and a tiny version of herself. It was fun but it was also bad. So I also want to remake that one. Then, that story of the Sacred Balls… I’m remaking the full set, changing lights and materials and adding new scenes to it to make it more understandable. There will be side stories expanding this last one.

Of course, there’s also the thing about making pinups. I love making them and it’s, probably, the only way that I can be using many of my characters since they’re not involved, so far, in any story.

F: Are you planning to give them stories at some point in the future?

D: They all have, to some extent, stories, in my mind. What will happen depends on if I’m able to bring those stories to life. This is, now, the hardest part of this work for me. It’s taking me too long to develop those stories in a way that are consistent and coherent. I’m talking about the pictures. Many times I find that, though the writing is consistent, I fail in creating a proper flow between the pictures. It’s just that this is too much fun. Being able to be creative and trying to surpass my own limits.

F: Awesome! So, is there anything else about the future of your work that you’d like to share with us?

D: I’m not sure… I mean, those are my main plans so far. Maybe, I’m considering on creating an Instagram account for one of my characters, Leah, since she seems to be very popular. That’s something that I have in mind. That would be interesting, I guess.

F: Sounds like a lot of fun. Be sure to let us know if you do it so we give her some love and a feature article to help the world know about her!

D: I Will.

F: All right! Thanks a lot for your time, we hope to see more of your work soon.

D: Thank you for giving me this chance. You, we, will be seeing for sure, or so I hope, tons of new works.