Oh High Futanari!

It’s impossible to deny the allure of college age schoolgirls lusting over a huge cock. One of our favorite animators, Futanarica, takes it a step further (like always!) and puts that huge cock on a blindingly hot, redheaded teacher with big tits and a convenient appetite for innocent looking blondes…hm…imagine that…

Bent over for an A

“Futa High School” as the name implies, is about a hot high schooler who’s not doing so well with her grades. Maybe life at home has been tough, maybe her friends are going through a hard time, or maybe, just maybe, she can’t stop staring and secretly masturbating to her teacher’s giant schlong!

As with all of Futanarica’s cosplay heavy, contemporary, college themed animations, this 4k, 15 minute, cum spewing, hole stuffing romp provides high flying action! I mean that literally: nobody does cumshots like this creator, and this saucy little blonde detention goer is extremely grateful for it as she opens her mouth and drops to her knees to give an ‘oral’ exam.

The redhead gets hard just staring at her study suffering student, but the suffering doesn’t last long. Soon, she’s blowing loads and posing that young hussy in all kinds of positions. Beautiful angles, stunning ahegao expressions and, oh, besides the video, this full package comes with 183 still renders! That should be more than enough to satisfy any futa fan, but maybe not as much satisfaction as a blonde highschooler feels when she’s bent over a desk with a gallon sized creampie leaking out of her pussy…