A place between reality and fantasy

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to see a ‘twilight zone’-esque nightmare presented as a 3DX set, well…perhaps 3Dzen is your proverbial ‘mysterious man in the suit’. Zen presents a mind boggling array of the shocking, the macabre, and the questionably sexy. They weave their works into a tapestry of kink and backstory that makes these tales both darkly fascinating and undeniably primal.

A Therapy session gone shadowed

We find ourselves examining the life of an older man named Dr. Burke, a seemingly upright, well respected therapist with a terrible secret. A twenty two year old redhead, Brooke, has been highly recommended to the Doctor by a friend to help with her anxiety. Allegedly, his cutting edge ‘mind vision’ therapy works wonders, but she has no idea about the man’s sordid past, questionable ethics…and his appetite for experimenting on lovely young women.

If you’re looking for vanilla content, look elsewhere: Zen focuses this long running bondage series within the deepest shadows of the human psyche. Mind control mingles with humiliation themes over 127 quad-HD images, showcasing the innocent Brooke crying out for both satisfaction and emotional relief. This depraved doctor, taking full advantage of his patient’s hypnosis, brings out nearly every tool in his arsenal, and Brooke isn’t spared from the handcuffs, whips or even the butt plug. The Doctor’s secretary, a stocking clad brunette wearing heels, may very well be under a spell of her own as she dutifully preforms anal and receives a spilling anal creampie.  All the while, Brooke can only obey, lending an ‘oral’ hand, cum swapping with the secretary, and waiting to receive her ‘treatment’ as she gives a rim job and ultimately gets a huge facial.

In the end, the most terrifying thing about the experience may not even be the experience itself, but the fact that Brooke might not remember any of it…and that she feels somehow cured from her anxiety…