Cafe: Hello Nonsane! It’s fantastic to speak with you: thanks for making the time! You’ve been coming out with some amazing futa content recently, and we’re vibrating with excitement to talk about your upcoming stuff.

Now, I usually ask about inspirations and stuff, which you’re more than welcome to talk about, but I’m specifically curious about what drives you to create futa content! Why futa?

Nonsane: Thank you for having this interview with me :).  

I like futa, because it’s the best of both worlds: lesbian porn is great, but can get boring, especially with strapons…so if you don’t want to look at dudes, you’re left with plastic. 

Here’s where futas come in: I think I like them because looking at strapons, it feels cold and lifeless, unless you’re on the receiving end. But with futas, it’s like having a lesbian porn, but the one giving feels it, and can share the pleasure; with cumshots and everything…can’t do that with dildos! 

Oh, and there’s pussy as well…so yeah…you can have penetration and cunnilingus 🙂 basically it’s lesbian porn on steroids. That’s how I look at it, and that’s why I’m doing mostly futanari …

Cafe: Well said! Lesbian porn on steroids, haha, I love that.

Alright, let’s get down to it! You’ve been putting out some steady releases: what can you tell us about your recent work and what you’ve got planned in the near future?

Nonsane: Well, I am trying to add more “depth” to my sets by adding more story to them. The first, and currently the only, is elven adventures.

Also, I’m experimenting with slightly stylized models. Not too much: don’t want it to look like a cartoon or something..this will be the upcoming release, The therapy session.

And monsters: I want to do something darker, with some lactation thrown in. I’ve never done anything like that before, so it should be interesting. Oh, and there are futas in there as well…

Cafe: OOOH sahweet! I can only speak for myself, but lactation paired with futa is awesome! I’m sure plenty of your fans will enjoy that!

Last question here. In a perfect future where everything went right and cost wasn’t an issue, what kind of direction do you see your work taking? Do you have any far off goals, at all?

Nonsane: Hm…that’s an interesting question. 🙂 

I’d probably make an animated, fully voiced visual novel, like a really epic one, with a lot of story and world building.

Also, full length animations, with proper physics and huge epic stories. Maybe comics that span over 100+ issues….guess I have both close and far off goals. 🙂

In a perfect world, I’d put my futa creations in every media type possible: that’s what I’m trying to say, I guess.

Cafe: Oh yeah, you’re saying you want to do it all! grin That’s fantastic!

Hey, we really appreciate your time. We look forward to seeing those tasty new sets (I am personally looking forward to the therapy themed one!) and whatever you’ve got planned for us in the future!

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