It’s time for another NGP sneak peek, where we periodically check in with the mad geniuses who render their masterpieces into existence (and we try to take a look behind the curtain!). Today I’m speaking with none other than Nonsane! Purveyor of fine futanari and honestly, some of the best damn expressions in 3DX I’ve seen to date.

Cafe: So, Nonsane, it’s been nearly 6 months since our last gab. You’ve done a TON within that time, but what would you say is your biggest accomplishment in the past half year?

Nonsane: Um…yeah, last couple of sets, I really took my time with expressions, and it looks like it was worth it…got a lot of positive feedback!

The biggest accomplishment has to be Adicktion therapy: people are really liking it and so am I. Between a great story and solid writing, I think I managed to finally pull off a “complete” product with text and renders that are on the same quality level. Before, the text was lacking, but not anymore. I’m experimenting with Monsters as well…I think it looks really good, but I need to get people on board with it, but so far, everyone just wants more therapy. 😀  

Cafe: Man, that’s awesome to hear! It’s not surprising that the therapy set is doing so well: it’s a great combination of fun and quirky while still being outrageously sexy!

Ah yeah, monster stuff would be interesting! I know it’s not for everyone, but the peeps who enjoy it are an enthusiastic bunch .

Okay, you said “people want more therapy”: can we expect more in the future? How far are you planning on taking it? We’ll take whatever mysteries you’re willing to reveal, but we understand if it has to stay secret!

Nonsane: yeah i’ll continue the story for sure, it’s gonna be obvious after this 4th part that there will be another girl that will join them. 🙂 

There will be a change in the environment and I want to make all of this into its own universe with more characters and stories that will be connected to each other. We have Jazz and her girlfriend, and Amy probably has a best friend; she’ll probably tell her best friend that futas actually exist! Stuff like this…but nothing is final yet so…no promises.

Cafe: Gah, that’s so freaking sweet! We can hardly wait for the next entry!

If things keep continuing like this and your Patreon grows (I know it will!) Is there any kind of major project you’re thinking about developing? You had mentioned making a fully voiced game: does that idea still hold interest for you or have things changed?

Nonsane: Yeah,if things ever get to the level that some artists are on, I’m going to “branch” out from doing only comics. I think animations are not yet possible to be done “correctly” and in a reasonable timeframe, without having a couple of people working on them. I think I’d do a game or visual novel. Also voiced comics are not out of the question, it’s just a matter of money with that one!

Cafe: Alright! Don’t get me wrong, we love animations, but, yeah, they can take an incredible amount of time and resources.

Personally, I think voiced comics need to be explored more, so that’d be really cool to see…or hear. 😉 

Thank you so much for your time, Nonsane! We’re stoked for the next therapy set, and thanks for giving us a little glimpse into the future!

Nonsane: Thanks for having me! 🙂

I guess everyone could use a little therapy from time to time, so be sure to check out the series that futa fans are raving about! Part 4 is coming out soon, and Nonsane has a helluva lot more planned for these ladies. If you’re interested in getting the skinny (or in this case, very thick!) on Nonsane’s newest works, drop by their regularly updated Patreon