It might be sunny out in most of the world, but this week, NGP is bringing you plenty of darkness! We’ve got 3 raunchy sets from Hibbli3D and a long anticipated 3DZen release!

Not here for the shady side of 3DX? Would you rather have some futa fun in the sun? You’re in luck! We’ve got two brand new animations from Futanarica, and though they’re beach themed, trust me, you can expect more than just sun tan lotion being squirted!    

New Release by 3DZen

Residential Evil part 10

Monsters, mutants, zombies, and the XXX virus: what fresh, sexy horrors does 3DZen have in store for fans of this long running series?

Turns out: alot! Strap in for a huge cocked freakshow featuring big breasted RE girls getting thrilled and drilled!

On a mission to recover an important ‘anal-gesic’, Jill is jumped by a sentient mutant who instantly infects her, making her horny beyond belief! She chokes down the massive mutant meat stick, but just before she’s impregnated (again!) She’s saved by Ada!

Of course, Zen would never let these girls off so easily: they fall into a trap at the morgue, running into mutated chest zombies that spit cum! Just when you thought this series couldn’t get any freakier…this set features 2 endings!

Spoiler alert: both endings still leave our heroines anally creampied ;).

New Releases by Hibbli3D

Hibbli’s signature style features petite vixens getting repeatedly ravished by orcs, goblins, and all sorts of inhuman creatures! Knight Elayne particularly, has a rich backstory, which can be found on Hibbli’s website!

Knight Elayne: Tamed & Trained Part 1

Our outrageously sexy, nubile knight gets her ass handed to her…literally! Join Elayne as she embarks on a journey filled with blackmail, fear, and a quickly spiraling descent into sexual depravity.

Being taken over by a horrible monster, having her tiny tits licked, her hair pulled and her tight pussy stuffed full seems like a terrible fate…but the thing this knight might really fear is how much she enjoys it…

Knight Elayne: Strip Poker

Elayne heads to the local tavern for a few drinks and some poker…what could possibly go wrong? After enjoying a few…then a few more, she gets just a bit tipsy and loose. Elayne’s fellow card players are more than impressed by her outfit as they set her up on the table…and they can’t wait to see her out of it!

Once her panties are gone, these goblins waste no time stuffing her holes; grabbing her arms and taking turns pleasuring themselves…and much to her dismay, even her! Elayne might hate to admit it, but by this point, she’s used to taking massive monster cocks in her ass and sticky loads of cum all over her face!

Thief Ezri: Don’t Get Caught Remake

Hibbli presents a blast from the past as a full remake! The sexy, shadow clad thief, Ezri, is prowling around on the rooftops casing a good spot. She settles on posh looking manor, but it turns out, she’s not the only one skulking around looking for ‘treasure’!

To her credit, Ezri does try to defend herself (much more than Elayne ever could) and Hibbli showcases a fight sequence that’s rarely seen in 3DX! Our petite thief actually does pretty well for herself, but in the end…let’s just say the only thing that gets stolen is her throat and her pussy!

But hey, a facial from a monster is better than jail, right? Who knows, she might try to break in again at some point!

New Futanarica Animations

Movin’ over to the sunny side, as promised! If you’re a futa fan, we don’t need to tell you how amazing Futanarica is. These new animations offer everything your futanari loving heart desires, and probably more: Futanarica is always trying new things and displaying jaw dropping sex positions!

Lust Beach part 1

A punky, glasses clad lady is having a nice stroll on the beach when she encounters something marvelous: 2 hung honeys pounding the absolute daylight out of each other! Unable to stop herself, she indulges in a little voyeurism, but she can’t stay away for long…those babes are hotter than the sun!

Masturbation can only get a girl so far: the bold beach goer approaches the ladies mid-bang and asks if she can join. Being the friendly fuckbuddies they are, the well endowed ladies agree happily!

Giant girl cocks, dripping pussies, and ahegao closeups that would make anyone shudder, our female protagonist is very quick to make new friends, best friends! Obviously, a Futa x futa x female threesome on the beach isn’t going to end quickly, which is why there’s a sequel…

Lust Beach part 2

Ever heard of double reverse cowgirl? That’s what’s possible in the realm of futanari. One big dicked chick on the bottom, another stacked futa on top, and a cum hungry lady riding on top of her!

This load busting sequel continues right where the other left off, leaving the busty beach stroller absolutely face blasted with the biggest load of her life! She’s so happy and excited that she just has to suck down every drop…she even licks her glasses clean! A walk on the beach? More like cock on the beach!