Nikki and Paige have things in common; they’re cute, they’re shy, they’re 18 years old, and they’re futanari. But when Paige sets off to University, Nikki is distraught. She misses her old friend so much!  After a year, she finally decides to join the same college Paige studies at: she’s willing to do everything to preserve her friendship with her. But lo and behold, when she arrives at their shared dorm she finds her receiving a blowjob from their party-loving third roommate! Now that Nikki realises Paige has become a hardcore sex addict, will she abide to satisfy her insatiable lust in order to preserve their friendship?

The beginning of a cum-dripping friendship story

In this new comic from Pat3dx, the same artist behind the hooking Pole Dancers series, we’re introduced to a new set of colourful characters who will struggle to keep up with their burning lust. Nikki, the shy redhead dickgirl, will be swept up in the college life of her horny futa roommates, straight off the bat invited to a threesome with a healthy dose dose of anal and oral. But the group activities don’t end there! Paige’s thirsty for her friend’s big breasts and lady dick, and can’t wait to strip off her uniform and get naughty!

College dickgirl shenanigans

Nikki will be over her head (or cockhead?) with Paige’s constant advances. Masturbation plus oral at the classroom? Check. Paizuri on her dorm bed? Check. Cumshot after group sex? Chhhhheck! 

Will their friendship degenerate into a horny fuckbuddy mess, or will they develop their friendship even further, into a passionate romance? Will their third roommate get on the way or join the fun? Get swept away and jerk away by this story of female passion and lust in the first episode of Pat3dx’s Nikki’s Lustful Dorm!


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