Are you ready to get your pants scared off? (Pants optional…) Well turn on your flickering flashlights and bolster your courage for the very first NGP Halloween collaboration!

We’ve gotten so many incredible submissions from talented 3DX creators all across the board, and it’s time to reap the harvest! This tantalizing terror-rific set is chock full of gothic glory and goulish girth, and it’s totally free!

Yes, really and actually free! As free as a sex starved werewolf running rampant on the night of a bloodmoon! It’s an honor and a privilege to feature so many amazing creators, and we’d like to give a special shout out to everyone who participated!

Our Talented Artists

Jester: Purveyor of huge titted gaming beauties and some of the most monster dongs (literally) in the biz!

3DZen: Never afraid to get creatively freaky and constantly pushing genre boundaries!

Redrobot3D: A seasoned creator who offers a ton of variety, from soft sweethearts to horribly hung monsters!

Agentredgirl: One of the most dedicated animators in 3DX, futa or otherwise, with a genuine, fiery passion for their craft!

Codemonkey3DX: Excellent 3D comics that are well paced and showcase consistently interesting poses, especially for auto fellatio!

Forged3DX: Stellar glam specialist with super clean renders, daring closeups and drop dead gorgeous models!

Nonsane – A massive inspiration within the futa genre, with an equally impressive catalogue and a distinctly surreal style, both visual and narrative!

STR4HL – Meticulously crafted and highly detailed 3DX that’s a pure joy to behold! 

NSF: Jaw dropping noir glam with deep colors, sensual shading and rich eye candy!

Xide: Whimsical, sensual colors and themes with a rare, realistic style!

LewdFutasy: Deliverer of deluxe futa pinups that showcases such a refreshing variety of characters that there’s something for everyone!

We hope you enjoy this collaboration as much as we enjoy presenting it! From all of us here at NGP, here’s to a great holiday season, and happy Halloween!


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