2019 is a wrap, so we’re presenting (a little belatedly) you with the best image render sets of 2019.

Image renders are still the essential foundation of the 3D porn scene, although many of you probably think animations are way more interesting. In my humble opinion, renders leave something to the imagination and the amount of detail and level of quality that can be achieved with stills is still waaay beyond the quality you’ll see in animations.

Many artists are slowly making the transition to 4K renders, which of course, look razor sharp on modern displays and can really make us appreciate all the details put into a model or scene. We want to give a shout out to every artist out there, big or small, professional or hobbyist: we all contribute to the breadth and depth of this awesome scene.

Some of these were mentioned previously in other top 5’s and are in no particular order, plus there’s a small suprise at the end of this article, with some honorable mentions.

1. TheDude3DX – Lust Unleahsed: Kayla Meets Marcella

Let’s start off with a banger! Of course this list would not be complete without mentioning one of the godfathers of 3D Porn. Can’t imagine you never heard of this artist as his style is very unique and pristine quality of renders is paramount in his work.

2019 was a year in which TheDude3DX released a slew of outstanding work so it was hard for us to pick a single release. But we picked an epic futa tour de force which also emphasizes the world building qualities and ambitions.

In ‘Kayla meet Marcella’ you can feel the tension between these 2 hot futa ladies building up to an epic cumfest which is only topped by TheDude’s 4 year anniversary set, but we feel like ‘’KMM” is done in such a chich way, especially if you read the additional comic release.

2. Nonsane – The Run Series

Nonsane has to be the most creative 3D Porn artist out there, due to their Interesting story-arcs. In this instance, such arcs cover 4 chapters and over 300 images. The two main characters, Carrie and Stacey, go on a futanari-sex fueled marathon across various settings and encounter numerous side characters… We secretly hope there’s a ‘The Run 5’ in the making, turning Jane from ‘The Run 4’ into a futanari, as well.

Anyways, we can’t wait to see what Nonsane will come up with in 2020, as it looks like he never runs out of creative juices.

3. Taziota – Sex, Bath & Beyond

Hail to the king of straight bimbo porn. Big tits and muscular, veiny male characters are what make it easy to spot Taziota’s work.

But of course, the girls are the stars of the show. Taziota makes sure all ethnicities are represented in his work, including blondes, brunettes and asians, with the only commonality being their huge tits and asses; something we can surely appreciate.Another thing that stands out in his artwork is the minimalistic, but classy set pieces. Very little color is used and clear lighting provides a perfect stage for the characters and their crazy escapades to shine!

4. 3DZen – Dark City

A release from 3DZen always feels like a special gift. We picked this special monster sex set, as we think 3DZen perfected the craft of hot 3D monster sex. His atrocious yet hot and well endowed monsters give our girl Olivia a well deserved cum shower. The setting further contributes to the eerie atmosphere as the run down environments make the sex scenes even more tense.

3DZen always gives us incredible scenery, from classrooms to highly detailed spaceships and creepy mansions. So, this is a general ‘thank you’ to 3DZen as well, for ensuring diversity in the 3D Porn scene.

5. 3dx851 – Futa Villa

You might think you’ve seen the girls with the biggest butts and largest members ever, but just wait till you see 3dx851’s work. It’s impressive how ‘hefty’ the assets of his harem feel. We just wish we were residents of Futa Villa, because it looks like these futa girls know how to enjoy themselves. It leaves little to the imagination, but the fantasy realms envisioned make you wish these girls were real. 3dx851 is relatively new to the 3D Porn scene, but is for sure a household name, already.

Honorable Mentions

  • LanasyKroft – for giving us those renders that feel like ‘in-game material’ from some XBOX/PS triple A release.
  • CrazySky3D – for taking us on a wild ride with Delphi and Jessy: this artist has some ‘world building skills’ for sure.
  • Supro – for giving us ‘Magnum Johnson’:you don’t always see this level of creativity like Supro’s / Intrigue3D’s releases.
  • Fab3DX – for storming and suprising the scene with his ‘Nova’s Experiment – Part 1 set.’
  • Naama – For wrapping up the ‘Temple of Memories’ series! Good memories 🙂
  • Redrobot3D – For keeping it ‘edgy’ with his ‘Riding Service Escorts’ series. Classy stuff but not everyone’s cup of tea, NGP is a big fan, though!
  • Pat – For grinding out quite a few ‘Futa’ releases. Pat, where you at? Reach out to us, we’d love to collaborate!
  • Jared999D – Who else could satisfy our lust for busty ladies and lewd orcs or goblins?
  • Morfium – For his killer “Trio Infernale” Set, a whopping 112 stunning images in one release!

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