Our favourite 3D porn productions

The year is coming to an end and we thought it would be fun to combine our two favourite subjects, year end lists and 3D Porn animations. This list is in no particular order, at least not in such a way that we think the quality of the animations or work is in a descending order.

We’d like to thank all 3DXXX artists out there for their outstanding work, creativity and quality, it could not have been a better year to be a 3D Porn addict!

And it’s for sure no small feat to venture into the unkown world of 3D animations as a creator or hobbyist, it’s a completely different game compared to ‘simple’ renders with the biggest trap being the ‘uncanny valley’ which makes it harder to jerk off enjoyably. 😉

So here it is, Nextgenporn.net presents the 5 biggest and raunchiest 3D porn animations of 2019!

1. Puppetmaster – Sensual Adventures Series

The first Sensual Adventures episode was released in 2018, but Puppetmaster’s latest production is turning everything up a notch, a new character, new setting and of course more creative fucking as we have 6 holes to fill with as much cum as Brittany and Trinity can. Their balls are always fully loaded and cocks ready to go so we know they’re giving our Egyptian Princess the best time of her life, and us too of course as we can enjoy the 30 minutes long show.

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2. Rikolo and Nyl – Generous Donations

Rikolo suprised us with this release. A collaboration with Nyl ensured that this video has outstanding animations, never seen before in any of his releases, so we’re really hoping on more collaborations from these 2 next year. And let’s not forget the extraordinary voice work done by Lexxi Lovelli and Aero_Buddy. The story lends itself very well for some outstanding lewd scenes with great shots and some creative fucking. We especially love the titfucking scene and how greatly detailed the nurse’s panties are. It’s all the small things together which makes this a great production.

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3. Futanarica – Milkshake series

Futanarica released quite a few productions this year, which makes us wonder how he continually keeps on delivering original and high quality work. His 3 part Milkshake series of this year is a perfect example of his dedication to his craft. It’s an all-out cum fest with a very unique setting and a wonderful cast. Everything that happens in this series is a crazy public display of lewdness with the 3rd episode as the cherry on top. If you cannot get enough of Futanarica’s work we highly recommend you to check out his other 2019 release ‘Complimentary Class’.

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4. Hypercomics3D – Interspecific Contacts

Another suprise! Just before the year ends. Hypercomics3D stepped up his game and gives us some extremely hot characters, we’re personally in love with the blonde space laboratory girl, hopefully she’ll magically turns Futa as well in a possible next chapter. Anyways, it’s all about the lighting, outfits, use of colours and characters which makes this full HD animation give you tingles all over your body. HypercomixcsD is no stranger to some very creative positions and camera angles which you can also enjoy in his earlier 2019 release FutaTrain.

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5. AlexGoldxx – Sex in Space

AlexxGoldxx is an up and coming artist to keep your eyes on! One of the few ones to do actual virtual reality productions. His ‘Sex in Space’ release features a stunning alien girl which gives awesome blowjobs and is ready for some out of this world sex. Her alien blue eyes are just begging you to fuck her. The misionary VR animation is incredible to watch and makes us wanting to see more from AlexxGoldxx in 2020.

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Bonus 1. Lord Kvento – Farina’s Adventure

Not really a full animation production, but the quality of the full HD loops are unprecedented, really one of a kind. Lord Kvento is no stranger to 3D Porn animations. His first animated productions (Eralin and Meralin) date back to 2016, which we really see as a milestone in 3 Porn animations.

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Bonus 2. Smerinka

Bonus points for Smerinka for being one of our favourite artists without any video releases this year. 🙁
Smerinka has a very unique style for his animations. The characters, storyline and attention to detail is something you rarely see in 3D porn animations. We noticed some interesting teasers on Smerinka’s Twitter account during the summer but to no avail, so hopefully we’ll finally get a new full Smerinka video next year.

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