If you hadn’t noticed, we here at NGP just love to find excuses to celebrate, (who doesn’t like a party?) but this time it’s legit… we’re celebrating our 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

We wish we were stuffing pussies on our birthday! – Artwork by SneakyBastard

It’s been a crazy year, but we’re still standing, and we’re proud of how much we’ve accomplished and even more excited about what the future holds! We’ve got over 200 products in the store: porn comics, bundles and animations alike, ranging from straight/lesbian pairings and futanari, to kinkier stuff like BDSM, aliens and monster sex! That’s all before we even mention the tons of interviews and free content, but most importantly, we put an emphasis on putting creators and fans first: that’s what we’re all about, and we want to keep being about it until we’re the best damn 3DX site in this biz!

Parties are no fun if peeps aren’t joining in, so we’re having a store wide, 40% off sale! You didn’t think we were gonna leave you empty handed, right? We’re running the sale for 4 whole weeks, so don’t miss your chance to grab that shiny set (or three!) you’ve been thinking about grabbing. Consider it a party favour, and thanks a million times a million for your continued support!