Can you feel it in the air? The season change is nearly upon as Summer wraps up, but no matter how hot or cold it gets in your respective hemisphere, we’re here to tell you to keep the AC on! That’s right: get plenty of cold drinks, keep those shorts on (or don’t wear anything!) and run those fans! Why? Because our August releases are gonna keep things hot and steamy all year long!

August Animations

Sensual Adventures episode 1 by Puppetmaster

Puppetmaster pulls strings onto the Futa3DX scene with the animation that started a revolutionary series! Sensual Adventures features Brittany and Trinity, two hung lovers, getting into all sorts of raunchy shenanigans as they traipse around the globe. Along with silky smooth animation and professional voice acting, the first act brings the heat with blowjobs, pussy licking, anal creampies, and…whoa! Yeah, all that just in the first episode!

Stella & Ona by 3DX NIXAH

The mesmerizingly beautiful Ona pulls up to the posh estate expecting a normal job offer. What she finds instead is a jaw dropping blonde mercilessly dildo fucking herself! Ona understands the assignment immediately and produces her rock hard girlcock, then wastes no time getting right to work! After feasting on that sumptuous pussy, Ona hits it from the front, then creampies it from the back for a job well done! 

Sugar Mom 2 by Marlis Studio 

When a futa schoolgirl comes home, she’s always horny out of her mind. Luckily, her matronly figure is in the same mood, and a bit of voyeurism turns to cock sucking and deep doggy thrusting! Our voracious step-mom even gets some creamy “extracum-rricular” activities to finish off the homework session!

Interspecific Contacts by Hypercomics 3D

Two beautiful, busty babes from two different worlds can quickly find a lot in common when they get naked! It seems that some interstellar ladies are equipped with a certain piece of ‘womanhood’ that Earth girls aren’t, but this pair wastes no time capitalizing on that. Gorgeous deep throating, anal and thick, creamy cumshots? What woman wouldn’t want to explore the ‘depths’ of space?

Futa Treats vol 1 by 3D Hentai Beauties

No storylines and no pretense: this steamy compilation gets right into the slap slap and plap plap! Dynamic lighting, sexy moans and alt girls galore! Did we mention all the soft, bouncing racks and futa cocks slamming and ass crashing? We did now!

August Comic Slides

Nova’s Experiment by Fab3dx

Do you like Sci-fi? Hot chicks? BDSM and futanari? If you answered yes to these questions, this reel is for you! Fab goes in with a fun, futuristic spin on experimentation and observation on a spacecraft…mostly meaning that the lovely, oh so horny Nova gets her holes stuffed and receives plenty of cream in the process. In the name of science and research, of course!

First contact 3 by Goldenmaster

Goldmaster keeps the lady-peen party going with two dicked up chicks and yet ANOTHER abduction! This time, an alien council sweeps up the two country gals, but they’re not interested in “probing” their sexy haul with anything but their own cocks! After a martian-man gangbang, these ladies get a bukkake finish that’s out of this world!

Futa’s plaything 4 by 3DZen

Miranda is at it again, and this time she continues Kate’s training with a new chore list! Being the perfect, ready to please pet that she is, Kate is happy to perform her sucking duties, fuck her mistress and take a good facial and doggy style dicking! Now that’s service!

Futa’s plaything 5 by 3DZen

Miranda is soaking in the tub when she notices how big her cock has gotten. After enjoying an extended masturbation session with toys (at Valorie’s advice!) She starts to fantasize about how good it would feel to be fucked with a real cock. Thankfully, Valorie herself shows up to make the fantasy a reality! Few people can dominate Miranda, but Valorie uses her bigger cock for comparison, balls deep cowgirl and a massive, stomach filling throatpie! Miranda doesn’t seem to mind being dommed at all!