Is this a piece on a futa set? Yes. Can we get you to pay attention to it with only one sentence? Let’s see.

Nerdy teen with a huge cock!

Listening now? Serge3dx brings another big ass installment (literally!) to their sprawling religious school series!  Serge fills a distinctive niche in the futanari genre by pairing young, nubile, cock weilding teens with experienced milfs who pack big tits! If you’re a futa fan and you’ve never heard about Serge3dx, check out our artist focus on them! Also, you’re welcome! 😉

 “Principal Lesson” is no slouch in the series, and plays on this exceptional creator’s tropes with jaw dropping grace and elegance.

Alison is a shy girl with a big secret…one that I’m sure most of us can guess. After a short recap, which Serge offers so generously, our timid, bespectacled girl finds herself in Principal Elizabeth’s office. Elizabeth, concerned educator that she is, asks the student why she’s been skipping PE, and of course, Alison freaks out.

One thing leads to another and the principal offers to help the girl with her confidence issues by practicing a kiss…a kiss that jump-starts Alison’s ‘little secret’ into high gear, kicking off the most sexually charged afternoon of the aloof girl’s life!

So what happens next? Oh, nothing much, just a 155 page PDF comic featuring x-ray shots, anal, oral, and milf busting, girly cum loads! Alison has no idea how much of a vacuum her Principal is, but the giant titted tutor is more than happy to show her that she’s got nothing to be ashamed of. There’s no cosplay about it: Alison is a legit futanari schoolgirl who’s having her first real encounter with a professional cock handler, and her huge, hanging balls can only handle so much as she eats pussy, pounds ass and slides her asset between the biggest pair of tits this side of the holy Earth!

Serge’s aesthetic paired with colored text makes this instant classic too tantalizing to pass up. Monster dicks look so good on petite chicks, and they’re even better when they’re disappearing in every milfy hole!



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