Ah, highschool days. A time in our life that, let’s say, could have been better. But hey, why not give it a positive spin with some stories and videos of steaming hot girls in uniforms breaking all the rules and getting some bone? Here’s a list of our top 5 class setting stories you can check out today!

Detention! – by FantasyErotic

Danielle is a bad girl, and she’s stuck in detention again. Boring! An idea sparks in her mind, and she shamelessly seduces her male teacher, in hopes to get some of the good stuff. But who will turn out to be the naughtiest? Danielle is going to find out soon enough that people aren’t always what they seem!

Complimentary Class – by Futanarica

Evolution Theory sounds quite uninteresting when there is no sex involved, right? But worry not! The blonde student Vanessa is just about to find out that her teacher has something unexpected hiding under her skirt – something with a shaft and a head, if you catch our drill. Vanessa is, of course, more than welcomed to taste and explore this “pinnacle of human evolution” all she wants!

Bared Intentions – by LewdFutasy and Solitary Cafe

The well-built athlete Monica suspects that her shy classmate has a girthy secret under her pleated skirt. She wants a taste of it and then some, but how to get to her? Well, why not offer to pose nude for her art project? Once her classmate’s not-so-little secret starts to react, all Monica has to do is corner her and the fun will begin!

Thirst for Knowledge – by Futanarica

They say you must keep quiet in the library, and that’s gonna be a challenge for two skimpy students who have the same idea in mind. Woops! One dropped a book and bent over to pick it up, but it seems she has forgotten to put on some underwear today! Her friend eyes those nice bits and her own cock starts to get hard, because of course she is a futa. Would we have it any other way?

The Art Student, by Taziota

Art student Cassia asks her friends Emily and Arron to help her with her final photography project. The photo session involves some sexy poses and mesmerising lingerie, and oh surprise, Cassia had second intentions all along. It doesn’t take much for three horny youths to get rid of the little clothes they’re wearing and jump at each other under the set lights!


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