After the interactive lewd game Mythos dropped its first chapter on, it’s been showered with positive reviews. Its colourful cast of characters, spicy sex scenes and intriguing mystery plot have players hooked and wanting for more! Well, good news for everybody, Chapter Two is already on the works and about halfway into completion! As we eagerly wait the next instalment of Nine of Swords’s opera prima, let’s take a sneak peek into what’s up and coming!

Part of That World

Chapter One had our main character first encounter this amazing new world of supernatural creatures and hidden secrets, and as the player we joined them and stumbled across a varied cast of interesting beings and potential smoochie-smoochie partners in crime. Now, entering Chapter Two, our main protagonist is ready to start taking matters into their own hands and assembling all these people into one big team, Mystery Gang style, to figure out what’s going on with the murder mystery everything revolves around. As always, the choices of the player will decide how this massive even where all characters meet comes to happen, so be weary of every decision you make!

A New Love Interest

As our main character advances into the story, more and more romantic routes will open up for them. In Chapter Two, there will be a new girl out and about, available for some chit chat and wherever things go from there. All of it, of course, stemming from the player’s choices. The new route in question is that of Sophia, an electronic seller with a brilliant mind that will for sure be interesting to meet to say the least!

Be the First to Know

Chapter One of this ongoing project has already received praise from players, and a ton more of content is on its way. If you wish to support the creator, get early access to new game updates, and receive extra content both SFW and NSFW, then head out to Nine of Sword’s Patreon, where starting at $1 you’ll earn rewards and help push the project forwards!