Ok so when we talk about true 3D painters within the medium, Urbanator is like a goddamn renaissance painter. His work is so good we urge you to follow even his SFW stuff. Almost everything is wallpaper worthy. We’re actually not joking with you when we tell you his porn evokes Romantic heights of detail. If that doesn’t make you curious enough to check out someone’s work, then nothing will. This motherfucker can make a scene.

Urbanator comes at his viewer with a triple threat. Firstly, this guy knows how to block, I mean with Last Day of Pompeii or Raft of the Medusa levels of detail. Ok maybe we’re overselling this but seriously. There’s a lot of visual information going on in every piece of Urbanator’s and it’s not just about the scenery. Pieces are often brimming with other characters that all support the scene, or add something of their own. Next is Urbanator’s skills with body deformation, particularly their fondness of breast physics. One strains to think of another artist who spends as much time ensuring their breasts are pressed and overflowing as naturally as they are here in every scene. Finally, like many within the 3D medium, Urbanator’s work is multidisciplinary. They will render in 3D, then comb over their pixels and refine them within Photoshop. It’s this mixture that really makes Urbanator a potent renaissance man, giving their crisp 3D work a painterly and idealized quality free of modeling geometry or clipping. 

There’s just so much to drink in with Urbanator’s work. This is an artist that really understands their medium and is giving it everything they’ve got, applying a highly refined and professional brush stroke in the most prurient of places. For an artist that definitely deserves a slot in your wallpaper rotation or even a spotlight in a gallery, look no further than Urbanator. 


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