Today we would like to talk to you about a humble group of well-read scholars that are doing it right, Grand Cupido! If you’re plugged into the community we’re sure you’ve already walked into some of their work before. If not, you are in for a treat. These motherfuckers deliver, a lot. They produce a lot of high quality content and offer it on multiple platforms multiple ways for your viewing convenience. We’re also happy to report that this is one of the few modeling and animation teams to encounter within the community, which is very refreshing. If you wanted to know what pornographic jazz was like, look no further.

Grand Cupido has self described themselves as a band, and we adore this idea of shared and collaborative art, almost improvosational, artists coming in and going, contributing their skills in orgiastic fervor and leaving behind a piece that is greater than the sum of its parts. Since many together are doing the work that one could not do alone, in both audio and visual, there is a very high volume of high quality work to find under the name of Grand Cupido.

What’s even more humbling in a way is that Grand Cupido have only the aspiration to continue their work and increase their quality, striving just for perfection, or even just the opportunity to keep doing what they love. You have to respect that kind of artistic integrity. There is a lot of power under the roof of Grand Cupido. Here’s to hoping it is continued to be used for good.