You know, we have a lot to thank The Witcher series for. It just gives and gives, but if it wasn’t for that series creating Ciri, we might not have Bomyman. Hell, if it wasn’t for Ciri, who knows when Bomyman would have found R34? Today they are our topic of discussion, an artist with both an eye for beauty, and for lewds. 

One could talk for ages about Bomyman’s composition. They don’t waste any elements of their renders. They have a kind of classical eye that they aren’t afraid to exercise, and this comes through when they do compose their lewds. Their renders end up with a painterly quality that makes leaving the view very difficult. For all this though, the unsung heroes are Bomyman’s backgrounds and scenery. Wanting to fuck what’s on-screen is one thing, but making the place where it’s happening an inviting space certainly helps. Every environment Bomyman creates is thick with atmosphere, everything from their cyberpunk to their lavish royal chambers and ancient tombs. Everything serves to heighten the image, as it should. It’s easy to find a place to chill in Bomyman’s world.

What I also find spectacular is that they aren’t afraid to share their behind the scenes, which makes following their social media definitely worth it for the insight alone. Whatever your list is, lewds, inspiration, pinups, Bomyman belongs on it. 


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